Warwick Little League gets new dugouts

By on August 15, 2018

The fields may be empty and soggy, and the smell of fresh-cut lumber lingers, but the new baseball dugouts at the Elizabeth Township Park ball field will certainly be a hit when the new season starts.

Trail Life member Benuel Lapp organized funding and the building of the dugouts for his Servant Leadership Award. He partnered with Warwick Little League to build two baseball dugouts, which are at the league’s current home field location in Brickerville. Lapp’s Servant Leadership Project is the culminating act in earning his Freedom Award.

Lapp explained, “I have been a member of the Trail Life USA program for approximately four years. I have immensely enjoyed the fellowship, adventure, outdoorsman skills, leadership training, and life preparation that the program has provided. Now, as I near the end of my time with the program, I am working on attaining the highest rank the program offers, known as the Freedom Award.

“One of the requirements for earning Freedom is to plan, fund, and carry out what is known as the Servant Leadership Project. To complete the requirements for this project, it is my goal to serve Warwick Little League, Elizabeth Township Park, and the local community by constructing two new dugouts.

“I decided to take on this project because I have personally been involved in WLL’s program, playing as a member of a Warwick baseball team for approximately seven consecutive seasons. Now that I have aged out of the program, I wanted the opportunity to give back and communicate my appreciation for the program by facilitating this building project, which would, in turn, enhance the experience of future little leaguers.

Because the WLL has had to relinquish their main playing fields behind Wilbur and relocate to Elizabeth Township Park, I felt that this project would effectively provide a desired accommodation. It is my desire to build the dugouts as a useful feature for WLL as well as an upgrade for the park’s ball fields.” The project cost about $4,500, not including discounts and donated materials and services.

Benuel Lapp partnered with Warwick Little League to build two baseball dugouts at their current home field location in Brickerville.

The dugouts Lapp constructed are the same as those at the Warwick Township ballfields behind the municipal building on Clay Road. The volunteer group that assisted Lapp consisted of Trail Life and Warwick Little League members, some Elizabeth Township personnel and supervisors, and some of Lapp’s classmates from Lititz Christian School.

Lapp also expressed thanks to these sponsors: Musselman Lumber, Bomberger’s Store, AB Martin, Yunginger Property Services, Riverview Construction, Rohrer’s Quarry, Paul B. Zimmerman Store, All Renovation and Design, Flintlock Stables, Complete Door and Access, Risser Real Estate Group, Warwick Little League, and SEI Catering. Additionally, Lapp is grateful to the many individual donors who contributed to the project.

Lapp worked hard to organize and orchestrate “a project with so many little details, a little bit of rain, a lot of mud, and a lot of tiring physical labor.’ Lapp said the “biggest positive was seeing the entire project reach completion in only four workdays when we had expected to use six days! Things went as smoothly as could be expected and we had a large number of volunteers show up to help. It was also great to work with Elizabeth Township and the Park throughout the whole process. They were so supportive, and aided the project in every way they could, even as far as providing a backhoe for the excavation.”

Lapp is a member of Trail Life troop PA-0316, which meets at Cornerstone Baptist Church near Speedwell Forge Lake, just north of Lititz. “Trail Life USA is a Christian outdoor adventure, character, and leadership program for boys and young men in grades K-12. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.” www.traillifeusa.com

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