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By on January 21, 2015

VFW status


a mystery


Pennsylvania VFW officials and local members of Lititz Springs Post 1463 Veterans of Foreign Wars remain silent about the mystery pertaining to the post’s closure. 20141215_142334

The state VFW headquarters officially closed the club at 14 N. Spruce St., Dec. 11, for unspecified reasons, essentially halting the group’s main fundraising abilities.

John Getz, Pennsylvania VFW quartermaster, on Tuesday refused to comment or provide an update on the status of the post.

When asked if the club will reopen after the stated 90-day suspension, Getz said there is no set date on when VFW Post 1463 will reopen.

In a letter dated Dec. 8, Getz informed the club that an administrative committee would carry out the business affairs of VFW 1463 during the suspension according to VFW national bylaws.

But Getz didn’t seem to acknowledge the 90-day provision at all.

Though he refused to disclose what was discussed at a members-only (no social members) meeting on Dec. 29, Getz said another private meeting is planned but not yet scheduled.

The secrecy has miffed Cheryl Clark, a VFW Post 1463 ladies auxiliary member.

Clark is frustrated that no one is talking or providing information to her father Eugene Clark, a 91-year-old World War II veteran, who has limited hearing and vision. Since Cheryl was told she could not assist her father at the Dec. 29 meeting Mr. Clark couldn’t attend.

“This is very frustrating, I’ve not heard anything besides what’s been in the paper and there’s been nothing new for a month,” Cheryl Clark said.

No one has offered details about the Dec. 29 meeting and there’s been no notification letter about another private member meeting, she said.

Officials at the state VFW headquarters suggested Mr. Clark — who moved from the Steelton VFW in late 2013 — should contact the person responsible for operating Lititz Post 1463 private membership meetings.

Getz said that Norman Brower, a District 9 line officer, is responsible for setting up Post 1463’s meetings. Brower is also an officer of the VFW Post 7362 in New Holland.

The Record-Express was unable to reach Brower by Wednesday morning press time.

“It’s a shame. My father can’t see or hear, paid for his membership and still hasn’t gotten his permanent card,” Cheryl Clark said.

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