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By on October 16, 2019

It was National Service Day at Christian Brothers Automotive on Saturday, Oct. 12, when single moms, educators, first responders, and those with special needs were treated to free oil changes and other automotive services.

“This is part of our community service here in Lititz,” said owner Igor Kuzmenko, owner of Christian Brothers, as he moved vehicles in and out of the service center.

Nearly 50 people took advantage of the offer for a free oil change. To qualify, they needed to be single parents, educators, first responders, community volunteers, or people with special needs.
For many of them, the event was a godsend. An oil change can cost between $37 and $80, depending on the type of vehicle and the oil required for it. For those with a fixed or lower-income, getting the oil changed in their cars is something they often skip for financial reasons.

“If you change the oil regularly, it can keep your car running longer. And I really need my car to get to work,” said Betsy Romero.

Igor Kuzmenko, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive, serves hot dogs to Lynnez Keith, Felicia Romero, and Betsy Romero.

Romero was at Christian Brothers with her daughter Felicia Romero, granddaughter Lynnez Keith and other relatives. Between them, they had three vehicles, all getting oil changes to keep them in good shape for the upcoming season.

“We came last year and this is such a blessing,” added Romero.
Sadie Baez, a graduate of Mom’s House in Lancaster, was also getting the oil changed in her car. She was grateful for the help.

“You don’t want to worry about your car,” she said, adding that on a tight budget, that money was needed for groceries and other expenses.
Those attending the day-long service event were also treated to donuts and coffee in the morning, and grilled hot dogs, chips, and beverages at lunchtime. There was also a bouncy castle for the kids.

As an extra bonus, they got a free car wash to send them on the way with an oil change and other automotive services.

“We had one person who needed new brakes. and another needed a water pump,” said Kuzmenko. “So we took care of that. Anything needed for safety.”
Several of the women came from Mom’s House or were graduates of Mom’s House, like Baez. Mom’s House of Lancaster is a local organization that is dedicated to helping single parents break the cycle of poverty through childcare, support, and resources.

“This is a big help and we appreciate it so much,” said Romero.

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