Sinkhole standoff

By on May 2, 2018

By Cory Van Brookhoven

Lititz Borough continues to seek an agreement with a homeowner to facilitate the repair of a sinkhole on the 500 block of West Second Street.

Elijah Yearick, Lititz Borough’s director of planning and community development, said a legal dispute prevented borough officials from commenting on the issue. He did not provide details of the legal matter.

Lititz Police Chief Kerry Nye said a detour remains in place since the sinkhole opened March 17 in the 500 block of West Second Avenue between West Lemon and West Orange streets.

The continued closure has caused a detour, as well as headaches for local residents and commuters.

“We have just checked on the sinkhole, but have not responded for any other issue,” Nye said. “The detour is onto Lemon to Moravian Avenue out to Orange Street. The detour seems to be working fine and we have not received any complaints.”

Residents that live adjacent to the sinkhole area are permitted to drive to their homes, he said.

The borough believes a portion of the sinkhole is located on private property.

“The road is still being re-routed because it’s not safe to drive on,” Yearick said. “Unfortunately the main subsidence area is not in our right of way, but on private property. Our ideal solution requires the support of the owners, who we’ve been trying to work with since the closure.”

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