Sinkhole Debate Drags On (Video)

By on May 24, 2018

By Patrick Burns

It was the third in a series of sinkholes and water line breaks since January 2016 — and the second since David Gerhart purchased the property less than six months earlier.

“Clearly there was something catastrophic going on (underground),” Gerhart said.

The previous sinkholes occurred Nov. 29, 2018 only two months after the couple purchased the home. Lititz Borough, which acknowledged responsibility for that water main break in the street Nov. 29, immediately closed the 500 block of West Second Avenue, shut off water to homes in the area, set up a traffic detour, then dug up the street, and repaired the break in the street.

Lititz officials did not report that a borough dump truck, loaded with debris from the repair, collapsed into a sinkhole that suddenly opened in the street. Back on Jan. 26 2016, the borough repaired a sinkhole in the street after a 19-year-old fell through snow inside a hole while taking trash to the curb…(see the full story in the video)







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