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By on September 19, 2018

Liberty War Bird Association hosted a “First Flight” ceremony to recognize those who have assisted in the purchase and restoration of its UH-1H helicopter–Huey 823. The ceremony took place at the Hi-Tech Helicopters hangar at the Lancaster Airport. Photos by Sarah Hummer.

A crewman on the tarmac signals as Huey’s memorable “first flight” comes to an end on Sept. 8.

The mission of Liberty War Bird Association is to educate the public about the role of the UH-1 helicopter in the Vietnam War, honor the veterans who flew in it, and restore this valuable link to the past. Huey 823 will be the vehicle to help educate the public on the critical role performed by the Huey in Vietnam. It transported soldiers directly into combat and then provided life saving water, ammunition, and medevac.

Larry M. Wade, Senior VFW State Commander (left); and Wayne Perry, State Senior Vice Commander, pose with the Huey at Lancaster Airport.

Liberty War Bird Association purchased Huey 823 (a helicopter with two tours in Vietnam) in 2015 and a dedicated group of volunteers has spent thousands of hours over the last three years restoring it to flight to offer rides to Vietnam veterans and the public side-by-side. Liberty War Bird Association already has numerous requests from veterans’ organizations across the state for Huey 823 to visit their areas and provide rides to veterans. Vietnam veterans had the opportunity to once again experience the sights, sounds, and smells they did as young soldiers and marines and connect with their loved ones over their time in Vietnam. Liberty War Bird Association is dedicated to recognizing the unique role this iconic helicopter played in the lives of tens of thousands of veterans.

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