Historic Lititz flagpole retrieval set for THIS FRIDAY, May 25

By on May 24, 2018

Historic Lititz flagpole retrieval set for THIS FRIDAY, May 25

Flagpole will mark future site of Veterans Honor Park of Lancaster County


A century-old flagpole that stood at Lititz Elementary School for most of those years will be retrieved, refurbished and later installed in the newly planned Veterans Honor Park of Lancaster County, located in Warwick Township.The 50 feet-long flagpole is set to be retrieved on Friday, May 25 at 11:00 am, at 339 Pierson Road, Lititz.

It has been stored outdoors in the elements at the nearby farm of Wayne Siegrist where it was placed after the Lititz Elementary School was demolished in 2004. Siegrist has donated it and a plot of land on which the Veterans Honor Park of Lancaster County will be developed.

This Friday, GSM Industrial has volunteered to retrieve the flagpole, now vine-covered and deteriorating. The 1000-pound pole will be taken out with heavy equipment and a long truck and transported back to the GSM Industrial facility in Lancaster. There it will be refurbished to its original splendor and later installed at the new Veterans Honor Park of Lancaster County, to be constructed near the Lititz Library in Warwick Township.

Spokesmen are available to you before or at the site where the pole is retrieved. David Kramer has led the effort to build the Veterans Honor Park of Lancaster County, and have been rallying the general public’s support.  Reed Gooding, president of GSM Industrial, will also be at the site for Operation Flagpole.

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