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Social media lit up in response to a request by Warwick School Board asking its union to bump up the start of school before Labor Day in 2015-16

But it seems unlikely the start date at Warwick will change, which appears to be the favored move according to the majority of people who participated in a survey taken on the Lititz Record Express Facebook page. The survey asked readers’ opinion of a possible change to an earlier start, but did not include the district’s reasons for the proposal.

Of the 72 people who responded on Facebook, a whopping 62.5 percent favored a post-Labor Day start to the school year in the Warwick School District.

Initial voting, which ran from Jan. 8-11, was strongly in favor of shifting the opening of school to before Labor Day. In fact the first nine votes lobbied for a change.

But in the end, only 37.5 percent of poll participants preferred a pre-Labor Day start.

Jessica Long echoed the sentiments of many parents who already begin school before Labor Day to attend extracurricular activities.

“Kids start sports in August — band (starts) in August. Can’t go on vacation due to that. Might as well start school in August and get out in May,” Long wrote.

But Krista Carvell-Cipalla quickly countered: “Let’s not kid ourselves, school sports are year round, so it really doesn’t matter.”

Rick Reitz simplified the matter to: “I’m a huge fan of the later start. Wednesday after Labor Day forever!”

Five people who responded, including Katie Bowman Grisbacher, did not tender a yes or no vote and instead offered suggestions on maximizing class time and learning.

“More important than a shift in start/end date —which I’m used to by now — would be a shift to a later start/end times,” she wrote. “As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics in August of 2014: ‘Sleep researchers have said for years that most teens can’t easily fall asleep until about 11 p.m., experts say, and their brains stay in sleep mode until at least 8 a.m.’ I would like to see Warwick start an hour later so my children don’t have to walk to the bus in the dark.”

Several people, including Krista Van Zandt-Martin said the extra summer time off allows families to enjoy a later, less hectic vacation.

“Our family has found a tremendous benefit to the late start,” she wrote. We vacation the week before Labor Day and the crowds are minimal. I don’t see the point of going for a few days, getting a long weekend, then trying to start back. What is actually accomplished those first few days?”

The poll and comments can be seen on the Record’s Facebook page.

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