Woodridge takes top honors at Ephrata Relay Carnival Girls 8U 100 Free Relay Boys 8U 100 Free Relay Girls 9-10 100 Free Relay Boys 9-10 100 Free Relay Girls 11-12 200 Free Relay Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay Girls 13-14 200 Free Relay Boys 13-14 200 Free Rela

By on June 27, 2012

The Woodridge swimmers scored 408 points and came away with the team championship last Saturday at the annual Ephrata Relay Carnival, edging long-time reigning champion Overlook (382) by 26 points.

This is believed to be Woodridge’s first Ephrata Relay championship of the new century, as they swept first place in all four relays (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and medley) in the 11-12 boys, 13-14 boys, 9-10 girls and 13-14 girls.

In the team rankings, the Woodridge girls took first place with 211 points and the boys were a close second with 197 points — just one behind Overlook (198) — setting them up to grab the crown in the combined standings. Manheim finished in seventh place overall.

Results of Woodridge relays which scored points on Saturday were: 1. (Lindsay Quinn, Lauren Matt, Katie Jeanes, Jenna Ober), 1:30.14; 5. (Sarah Baker, Kendall Penkunas, Joy Singer, Lauren Grove), 2:15.11. 1. (Theo Lance, Ethan Hershey, Brady Schwartz, David Woolley), 1:23.12; 4. (Cole Schwartz, A iden Troop, Charlie Sipel, Reese Van Scoten), 1:46.44; 6. (Dylan Hershey, Michael Valudes, Thomas Jeanes, Bode Sipel), 2:24.70. 1. (Brina Uhlin, Sarah Van Scoten, Lily Weidman, Emma Oberholtzer), 1:06.55; 5. (Alayna Thompson, Edan Lawson, Gionna Altenderfer, Anna Smith), 1:17.18; 9. (Amelia Fair, Lauren Pyle, Lily Sipel, Hannah Zartman), 1:20.13. 2. (Owen Campbell, nicholas Valudes, Nolan Rucci, Matthew Woolley), 1:12.20; 5. (Jonathan Bergh, Andrew Matt, Christopher Jones, Andrew Paparo), 1:20.23. 1. (Lauryn Ober, Maddie Smith, Lily Shaffer, Katie Oberholtzer), 2:11.40; 5. (Mia Stavarski, Isabelle Lawson, Elizabeth Valudes, Allison Wyand), 2:29.39; 8. (Maddie Landis, Brynne McNelis, Biz Van Scoten, Carly Campbell), 2:38.90; 10. (Christina Baker, Julia Thompson, Adrienne McGarrigle, Kirsten Esbenshade), 2:55.55. 1. (Ryan Hohman, Eric Matt, Stefan Glavce, Gabe Cicala), 2:08.27; 4. (Hayden Rucci, Nic Altenderfer, Nathan Forbes, Cade Uhlin), 2:27.72. 1. (Anna Lance, Hannah Weidman, Paetyn Zeamer, Emma Schouten), 2:01.74; 6. (Emma Bell, Haley Kershner, Mia Fucci, Abbie Weit), 2:21.13; 10. (Meghan Quinn, Kiernan McNelis, Erin Esbenshade, Amber Nissley), 2:32.07. 1. (Tim Griest, Jack Lance, Keir Uhlin, Christopher Cicala), 1:50.92. 3. (Emily Wyand, Maddie Schouten, Morgan Heckel, Danielle dePerrot), 2:05.45. 5. (Jonathan Zartman, Cody Kimmel, Nick Beard, Cole Cicala), 1:51.71. 1. (Katie Jeanes, Lauren Matt, Jenna Ober, Lindsay Quinn), 1:51.64; 7. (Sarah Baker, Lauren Grove, Kendall Penkunas, Joy Singer), 2:46.51. 1. (David Woolley, Brady Schwartz, Ethan Hershey, Theo Lance), 1:41.87; 2. (Charlie Sipel, Bode Sipel, Reese Van Scoten, Cole Schwartz), 2:17.64. 1. (Brina Uhlin, Lily Weidman, Anna Smith, Emma Oberholtzer), 1:21.66; 3. (Gionna Altenderfer, Alayna Thompson, Sarah Van Scoten, Edan Lawson), 1:31.05; 10. (Lauren Pyle, Hannah Zartman, Amelia Fair, Lily Sipel), 1:42.87. 2. (Nolan Rucci, Gavin Troop, Jonathan Bergh, Matthew Woolley), 1:40.78; 5. (Christopher Jones, Owen Campbell, Andrew Matt, Nicholas Valudes), 1:53.58. 3. (Allison Wyand, Elizabeth Valudes, Mia Stavarski, Maddie Landis), 2:50.79; 7. (Biz Van Scoten, Carly Campbell, Adrienne McGarrigle, Isabelle Lawson), 3:14.44. 1. (Ryan Hohman, Eric Matt, Stefan Glavce, Gabe Cicala), 2:32.62. 1. (Anna Lance, Hannah Weidman, Emma Schouten, Paetyn Zeamer), 2:21.50; 5. (Amber Nissley, Abbie Weit, Erin Esbenshade, Andreea Glavce), 2:46.34. 1. (Jack Lance, Tim Griest, David Heckel, Christopher Cicala), 2:12.57. 3. (Morgan Heckel, Maddie Schouten, Emily Wyand, Danielle dePerrot), 2:27.24. 5. (Cole Cicala, Cody Kimmel, Nick Beard, Jonathan Zartman), 2:14.34. 2. Woodridge B, 57.80; 3. Woodridge C, 58.96; 7. Woodridge D, 1:03.65. 1. (Brady Schwartz, Ethan Hershey, Charlie Sipel, Theo Lance), 2:09.97. 1. (Lily Sipel, Lily Weidman, Brina Uhlin, Emma Oberholtzer), 1:31.46; 4. (Anna Smith, Hannah Zartman, Alayna Thompson, Lauren Pyle), 1:46.26. 2. (Andrew Paparo, Owen Campbell, Jonathan Bergh, Nolan Rucci), 1:43.44; 5. (Gavin Troop, Matt Woolley, Nicholas Valudes, Andrew Matt), 2:00.83. 1. (Maddie Smith, Katie Oberholtzer, Lily Shaffer, Lauryn Ober), 2:56.39; 5. (Allison Wyand, Carly Campbell, Elizabeth Valudes, Mia Stavarski), 3:15.40; 9. (Christina Baker, Brynne McNelis, Maddie Landis, Biz Van Scoten), 3:32.43; 10. (Julia Thompson, Kirsten Esbenshade, Isabelle Lawson, Adrienne McGarrigle), 4:03.63. 1. (Ryan Hohman, Hayden Rucci, Cade Uhlin, Gabe Cicala), 3:04.57; 5. (Nathan Forbes, Billy Quinn, Stefan Glavce, Nic Altenderfer), 3:31.18. 1. (Paetyn Zeamer, Haley Kershner, Anna Lance, Emma Schouten), 2:38.30; 4. (Meghan Quinn, Amber Nissley, Mia Fucci, Natalie Rhoads), 3:02.91; 8. (Andreea Glavce, Abby Bell, Emma Bell, Hannah Weidman), 3:21.62. 1. (Tim Griest, Keir Uhlin, David Heckel, Christopher Cicala), 2:28.96. 3. (Morgan Heckel, Emily Wyand, Danielle dePerrot, Maddie Schouten), 2:38.58. 4. (Cole Cicala, Cody Kimmel, Jonathan Zartman, Nick Beard), 2:30.59. 2. (Katie Jeanes, Lindsay Quinn, Jenna Ober, Lauren Matt), 1:49.98. 1. (Theo Lance, Charlie Sipel, Brady Schwartz, David Woolley), 1:41.25; 2. (Cole Scwhartz, Reese Van Scoten, Ethan Hershey, Aiden Troop), 2:14.85. 1. (Brina Uhlin, Emma Oberholtzer, Sarah Van Scoten, Lily Weidman), 1:18.68; 4. (Anna Smith, Lily Sipel, Alayna Thompson, Gionna Altenderfer), 1:30.17; 7. (Edan Lawson, Lauren Pyle, Hannah Zartman, Amelia Fair), 1:32.83. 2. (Matthew Woolley, Nolan Rucci, Andrew Paparo, Owen Campbell), 1:25.35; 6. (Gavin Troop, Andrew Matt, Jonathan Bergh, Nicholas Valudes), 1:47.18. 1. (Maddie Smith, Lauryn Ober, Katie Oberholtzer, Lily Shaffer), 2:31.16; 4. (Maddie Landis, Mia Stavarski, Biz Van Scoten, Allison Wyand), 2:51.19; 8. (Elizabeth Valudes, Carly Campbell, Isabelle Lawson, Brynne McNelis), 3:08.33; 10. (Adrienne McGarrigle, Julia Thompson, Christina Baker, Kirsten Esbenshade), 3:30.47. 1. (Stefan Glavce, Gabe Cicala, Ryan Hohman, Eric Matt), 2:31.04; 4. (Hayden Rucci, Nic Altenderfer, Cade Uhlin, Nathan Forbes), 3:01.76. 1. (Paetyn Zeamer, Emma Schouten, Anna Lance, Hannah Weidman), 2:17.29; 5. (Andreea Glavce, Haley Kershner, Amber Nissley, Emma Bell), 2:39.84; 8. (Erin Esbenshade, Natalie Rhoads, Mia Fucci, Meghan Quinn), 2:52.21. 1. (Jack Lance, Tim Griest, Keir Uhlin, Christopher, Cicala), 2:10.54. 3. (Morgan Heckel, Maddie Schouten, Danielle dePerrot, Emily Wyand), 2:20.03. More RELAYS, page B-10

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