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By on August 10, 2011

I used to hate the time period between late July and early August.

It seemed as though everything came to a halt in the local sports world as people waited for fall pre-season workouts to begin.

With the exception of the Keystone Games, there wasn’t much going on, and that meant a lot of long days in the office. The break could be nice for awhile, but eventually you were itching just to get out to a field somewhere.

This year, however, that wasn’t a problem.

The past two weekends, in fact, were pretty amazing with the Lititz Summer Showcase and Susquehanna Smash grass volleyball tournament being held in Lititz. When you look at the number of people those two events brought to town, it’s mind-boggling.

I know that I’m going to miss people if I try to name everyone who deserves credit for pulling off those two happenings, but my hat’s off to all involved. I’m sure that the organization and the planning and the paperwork had to be overwhelming, but by all accounts, both seemed to be a huge success.

Mike Logan even had the foresight to have a golf cart situated near Grosh Field on the Friday night that the showcase soccer game was held. It came in handy when rain started pouring from the skies and the two of us huddled there for cover as we watched the Doppler on Mike’s cell phone.

Somehow, the Lititz Oddfellows managed to play their championship game last Wednesday against Strasburg/Willow Street at Clipper Magazine Stadium despite the threat of rain. It would have been easy to count them out when they were 3-5-2 at one point, but they turned it on at the right time and won the New Era Midget Tournament crown. I remember talking to Frank Camera on the phone when they were the 9th or 10th seed in the league and him telling me that he was still optimistic that they could get in the playoffs and make a run.

Credit Frank for keeping them together. It seems like you can never count his teams out, and their three championships in the past six years is a tremendous achievement.

Covering games at the Clip is a neat experience to be in their nice pressbox and dugouts. And it was great to see other coaches from Warwick Youth Travel Ball like Eric Martin and Jamie Weachter there supporting the Oddfellows, along with former players who have won titles with the team still coming back, such as Skylar Gingrich and Zach Snyder.

Speaking of Eric Martin, he and the rest of the Warwick Phillies should be congratulated for a heck of a run of their own. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I had the privilege of covering them at one of my favorite youth league ballparks (Kunkle Field) and watching one of the wildest games I have ever seen in the NET Midget-Midget semis.

Although the Phillies came up on the short end of that game, 22-18, Eric was tremendous afterward keeping things positive with his players and maintaining a sense of perspective. By now, hopefully the sting from that loss has worn off for the team and those players can start to think about what Eric was telling them. Yes, they won the league title and fell a little short of their goal to take the NET crown, but they have memories to last a lifetime.

The Woodridge swimmers also made some more brilliant July memories, beating Overlook in a dual meet for the second year in a row and then taking home the Division One championship for the first time in at least a decade. I like to joke with Woodridge head coach Heidi Cicala about their status in the Lancaster Summer Swim League, but she is way too sportsmanlike and humble to talk about any of that. Still, they are a team on the rise and knocking on the door of big things.

Fall sports are just around the corner, but it has been an excellent summer for Lititz sports. Bruce Morgan

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