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By on August 2, 2017
Warwick boys soccer coach Gordy Cowher chats with some players on the sideline during the Lititz Summer Showcase last Friday night at the Weaver Road Turf Fields. Photo by Dick Wanner

Warwick boys soccer coach Gordy Cowher chats with some players on the sideline during the Lititz Summer Showcase last Friday night at the Weaver Road Turf Fields. Photo by Dick Wanner

Organizers of the 12th annual Lititz Summer Soccer Showcase had an important goal they wanted to reach last Saturday and Sunday.

The mission was to guarantee each team a minimum of three games.

In all,. there were 170 boys and girls squads in the U9 thru U19 age groups arriving from seven different states, and with a rainy weekend in the forecast, nothing was a lock.

Fortunately, though, Mother Nature cooperated.

“It’s a selling point for the showcase,” first-year co-tournament director Wendell Hannaford said. “It’s something that we want to offer to really make the weekend worthwhile for all the teams that come and play. So I was glad we got everybody those guaranteed three games, especially with the weather that was being called for. It was definitely, definitely a positive … It couldn’t have been any better. I can’t ever recall a July, or even a summer day, that was 70 degrees with a slight breeze. To me, you go five degrees cooler and you’ve got perfect soccer weather. But that’s as perfect as you can get.”

Hannaford was admittedly exhausted by Sunday night, but he and co-director Tim Snyder received a lot of positive feedback from the tournament. Six different venues were abuzz with activity, including the Weaver Road Turf Athletic Fields, Hummer Turf Grass Systems (located near Root’s Country Market), Manheim Township Foundation Fields, Lititz Area Mennonite School, Elizabeth Township Park and Linear Park.

“I’m a perfectionist in the worst of ways. I like getting things perfect all the time, and that will never be the case, but why not strive for it? Honestly, I think the weekend went well,” Hannaford said. “There’s always things that can be improved on, always things that we can tweak … But I was running around and seeing a lot of positives. The fields were good. I saw players smiling, so I think it definitely was a very good weekend.”

Friday night’s showcase games in front of a solid turnout of college coaches at the Weaver Road fields set the tone. As Hannaford noted, the rains held off just long enough to play four games — two boys and two girls contests — and get everyone off the fields before the dark clouds finally burst.

Approximately 140 players, nominated by their club coaches, signed up for the showcase games.

“(The college coaches) enjoyed the games,” Hannaford said. “They enjoy the fact that there was a girls and guys game going on at the same time. They were able to sit in the middle of both turf fields so it was a good venue that we had for it. I’m lucky enough and blessed enough to know a bunch of those guys that came out, so I was able to really kinda get talking to them. Just hearing their thoughts and stuff, they enjoyed it.”

With his first year in the books as co-director, Hannaford got an opportunity to see how the showcase operates. Moving forward, he would like to see a few more teams signed up in 2018.

This past weekend, youth teams from eastern and western Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware all participated.

“It’s something where I think if you get below 150, now (you say), ‘OK, let’s see what we can do to ramp things up,’” Hannaford commented. “I think 170 is a good number. If I had to give you a target goal for next year, I’d shoot for 180 or 190. I think 190 would be great.”

Age division champions in this year’s showcase were as follows:

Boys U9 Black

CYSC Cocalico Revengers 2, Dallastown Predators 1

Boys U10 Black

Pachuca Dragons 2, Hollidaysburg Hurricanes 0

Boys U11 Black

LYSC Lititz FC United 2, East Hudson EHA 1

Boys U12 Black

East Hudson Academy Gold 5, Frostburg FSC Black 1

Boys U12 Red

Champ: Beecham United Beechy

Boys U13 Black

Manheim Township MT Blue Strikers 5, CASA 05 Elite 1

Boys U13 Red

Conrad Weiser United 2, East Hudson Youth EHYSL Gold 1

Boys U13 White

Pro Soccer Institute PSI 2, East Fishkill Avalanche 1

Boys U14 Black

Beacon Burn 4, Thunder Gunners 1

Boys U14 Red

Champ: Summer Select GFSC Red Bulls

Boys U14 White

East Hudson Academy 3, City Islanders Academy 0

Boys U15 Black

FC Warrington Ambush 1, The Altoona Blazers 0

Boys U15 Red

Foundation 2002 3, Dutch Elite Marco Van Basten 2

Boys U16 Black

Champ: East Hudson Academy

Boys U16 Red

ACFCSA Manchester United 1, Penn United Surge 0

Boys U17 Black

Thunder SC Lokomotiv 2, ACFCSA Manchester United 0

Boys U17 Red

Champ: Deep Run Valley Classic 01M Blue

Men’s U18 Black

Champ: Central Penn United

Men’s U19 Black

Champ: LYSC Elite 98

Girls U10 Black

Conrad Weiser CW Hotspur 3, 360Soccer U10G 1

Girls U11 Black

360Soccer 2006 Girls 6, Manheim Township MT Elite 0

Girls U12 Black

Hudson Valley Select 2, 360Soccer 05 Navy 0

Girls U12 Red

Centre Galaxy 2, 360Soccer Summer Select Green 1

Girls U13 Black

MCUSC Kixie Chicks 4, Montgomery United 04’s 2

Girls U13 Red

360Soccer 2004 Girls 3, East Hudson Academy Elite 1

Girls U14 Black

Champ: LDC United Libety

Girls U14 Red

Champ: ACFCSA Manchester United Heath

Girls U15 Black

Champ: FC York 02 Elite Girls

Girls U15 Red

Champ: FC Amity Twisters ‘02

Girls U16 Black

North Union United 01F Wave 7, LDC United Attack 1

Girls U16 Red

360Soccer 2001 3, South River Strikers 1

Girls U17 Black

North Union United Rockets 2, WYSA Dynamite 1

Girls U17 Red

Champ; Penn United Kicks Green

Women’s U19 Black

Champ: Philadelphia SC Coppa 99 United

Women’s U19 Red

South River Strikers 2, LYSC Lititz Kaos 1

Women’s U19 White

New Rochelle Panthers 3, HSA Storm 0


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