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By: BRUCE MORGAN Record Express Sports Editor, Staff Writer

Senior Cody Shoenberger knew of Pequea Valley’s Mitchell Ball only through association.

Turns out, the Warwick grappler dropped a 2-0 loss to his brother Raymond Ball in the 152-pound consi semi-finals at last year’s Lancaster-Lebanon League Wrestling Tournament.

Last Saturday night, Mitchell Ball was the last person standing between Shoenberger and the L-L gold medal at 160.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, however, it ended with another two-point loss, as Ball scored the only two takedowns in the match and defeated Shoenberger by a 4-2 score at Conestoga Valley High School.

"(Ball) was tough on top and we couldn’t get anything going," Warrior coach Ned Bushong said. "All I knew about him was that he was strong — just a big strong kid. Nothing fancy."

Shoenberger was the only finalist for the Warriors, who got a tough break when top-seeded heavyweight Tom Devenney was forced to drop out due to a medical condition. Bushong received the news just five minutes before Friday’s weigh-ins that he would not have his star junior.

"Probably 20 team points or more," Bushong said, speaking about the impact of Devenney’s loss. "The on-site physician has the final say and there’s nothing you can do. We thought he was treated and he was OK to go."

Without Devenney, Warwick finished 13th in the final team standings with 85 points. Section One rival Solanco easily captured the championship with 258 points, with Manheim Township (199.5) a distant second.

Led by Shoenberger’s silver medal, Warwick had four place-finishers, with sophomore Josh Charles winning the bronze at 106, and senior Cody Diem (120) and junior Colin Schnupp (145) each taking seventh.

"Just for (Cody and Colin) to place is good for them," Bushong said. "(Friday) night, Carson Snavely and Matt Mousetis lost very close (decisions) right at the end of the match. If they win last night, we’ve got two more guys that place. So that’s the way it goes. It’s a nice bragging rights tournament, but it’s to get experience and get ready for the post-season. And that’s all we can do at this point."

Ball (23-3) provided Shoenberger with a couple of areas where the Warwick senior would like to improve prior to Sectionals, which are slated for Feb. 18 at Hempfield.

"Definitely on my feet, flowing from one thing to another," Shoenberger said. "Definitely on bottom too. He was capable of holding me down, so I just need to keep going from one move to another move."

The 160-pound finals featured the top two seeds squaring off, with Ball holding the number one spot and Shoenberger the number two. Following a first-period flurry, Shoenberger had a single-leg shot at the edge of the mat, but couldn’t quite finish it.

Then Ball broke the scoreless tie on a reversal with :14 elapsed in the second, and he maintained a 2-0 lead after riding out the WHS grappler for the remainder of the stanza.

"(Ball) was definitely tough on top," Shoenberger said. "He had good hips and was capable of keeping me down pretty easy."

Ball was back on top to start the third period and Shoenberger escaped with 1:01 left to cut his deficit to 2-1. But the Braves’ senior iced it by scoring another takedown with :32 to go.

"(I wanted to) just go in there and wrestle how I usually wrestle and see what happened," Shoenberger said. "He was good at countering what I usually do, so it was a little changeup."

Still, Shoenberger was pleased to take home the silver after placing fifth at 152 in 2011.

"I’m happy with that," said Shoenberger (21-4), whose first three bouts consisted of decking Lampeter-Strasburg’s Jordan Spahr in 2:25 and then earning major decisions over Garden Spot’s Dakota Leid (9-1) and Cedar Crest’s Adam Gilson (8-0). "I’m coming from fifth place last year, so second place is good. But there’s some things I need to work on, definitely. We’ve got a month until sectionals."

While Ball is ranked second in the Harrisburg Patriot’s latest District Three Double-A rankings at 160, Shoenberger has yet to break into the Triple-A list. But Shoenberger insists that he doesn’t worry about those rankings. His main focus at this point is winning the Sectional gold.

"I’ve been wrestling since I was in kindergarten," he said, "and that’s pushing me to win it."

While Shoenberger is coming to the end of his high school journey, Charles (17-6) is just getting started in his varsity career. The number five seed in the 106-pound brackets, Charles opened with back-to-back impressive wins, dominating Penn Manor’s Nate Cunningham in a 16-1 tech fall in 3:42 and then flattening ELCO’s fourth-seeded Chad Puglio in 1:53 in the quarterfinals.

"(Josh) just went out and wrestled," Bushong said. "He liked the seed he had. He thought he was in good position to be in the finals."

The last person standing in his way of that goal was Township’s David Graves (17-8), who defeated Charles 4-2 in OT in a dual meet last Wednesday, Jan. 18. This time, in another low-scoring affair, Charles went up 2-0 after two on a second-period escape and a penalty point on an illegal hold by Graves.

The Warrior sophomore then tried to ride out Graves in the third, and he nearly pulled it off. But with just :26 remaining, Graves scored a match-tying reversal to send it to overtime.

"(Josh) felt (Graves) getting loose and he hung on — he should have bailed out and given him the one (for an escape)," Bushong said. "Now we’re up 2-1 and we have less than 20 seconds or so to go. But he’s young. He hasn’t been in that kind of a situation."

In the extra session, Graves’ takedown with :13 elapsed powered him to the 4-2 win.

"(Josh) wasn’t gassed … he didn’t protect enough and got taken down," Bushong said.

Undaunted, Charles bounced back in the semi-finals against Manheim Central’s Kyler West. His takedown with :13 left in the second put him in front 3-0 and then he added two more takedowns in the third and won 8-1.

That sent him to the bronze medal match, where his four-point takedown late in the first period set the tone for a dominant 16-1 tech fall over E-town’s Jamie Lewis in 3:38.

"He came back strong, wrestled and took a third, which is good for him," Bushong said.

Elsewhere, Diem (12-11) and Schnupp (14-10) each capped a strong tournament with a win in their respective seventh-place bouts. At 120, Diem cruised to a 12-0 thrashing of McCaskey’s Xavier Gutierrez, while Schnupp handled CV’s Ryan O’Shea 12-2 at 145.

"We had a lot of good bouts, close bouts," Bushong said. "We didn’t win the close bouts, but we were in the matches. We’re improving. We still have a month before Sectionals. It would’ve been nice to do better, but even the boys who lost wrestled well. So I can’t complain on that." 106- Sheehan, Sol, d. Graves, MT, 9-2.

113- Grossmann, MT, m.d. Hughes, CC, 9-1.

120- Schuyler, MT, d. Dumas, Eph, 8-2.

126- Cook, GS, d. Lopez, MT, 6-4.

132- Charles, Sol, d. Al. Smith, MT, 10-7.

138- Jackson, PV, d. C. Lammer, Eph, 3-2.

145- Lloyd, CC, d. Warren, Sol, 1-0.

152- Welk, Sol, m.d. Wolf, Coc, 11-3.

160- Ball, PV, d. Shoenberger, War, 4-2.

170- Moran, Sol, p. Taltoan, LC, F 1:30.

182- Hichernell, EL, d. Swarr, GS, 5-3 SV.

195- Pickel, LS, m.d. Graham, PM, 14-2.

220- Haines, Sol, p. Goodhart, Hmp, 1:58.

285- Bloom, GS, p. Lefever, MC, 1:20. 106- Charles, War, t.f. Lewis, Et, (16-1) 3:38.

113- Perry, Sol, d. Lobeck, LC, 3-1.

120- Laws, Sol, d. Achey, EL, 9-4.

126- Musser, CV, d. Inman, AC, 3-2.

132- Beegle, GS, p. Renninger, AC, 3:42.

138- Halter, Col, d. A. Smith, MT, 7-6.

145- King, GS, d. M. Lammer, Eph, 7-5.

152- Loiseau, LC, d. Fiore, CC, 4-3.

160- Daub, NL, t.f. Snyder, Don, (21-4) 4:11.

170- Dunkle, EL, d. Donley, Et, 7-2.

182- Shorter, MT, d. Bennett, Hmp, 6-0.

195- Spiller, Sol, p. Parker, McC, 3:55.

220- Erb, CV, p. Clay, LC, F 2:32.

285- Bragg, CV, p. Matos, Eph, 0:16. 106- West, MC, d. Darok, AC, 2-1.

113- Hitz, NL, d. Ocasio, CV, 9-7 SV.

120- Minnich, Hmp, d. Corle, AC, 4-0.

126- Eidemiller, Eph, by def. over Bradley, Et.

132- Bucher, MC, t.f. Olson, Et, (15-0) 4:35.

138- Rivera, Et, m.d. Sorce, PM, 13-2.

145- Schmid, PV, by def. over Ernest, Et.

152- Wise, MC, d. Leid, GS, 9-8 TB.

160- Martin, Sol, d. Gilson, CC, 6-0.

170- Pederson, Hmp, by forfeit over Mueller, Coc.

182- Ross, PV, p. Maxwell, Don, 3:24.

195- LaSanta, MC, p. Gerdes, CC, 3:53.

220- Peterson, Col, p. Del Carpio, MC, 2:39.

285- Schnader, LC, by def. over McCoy, Don. 106- Ball, PV, d. Wintersohl, Eph, 5-4.

113- Schneider, PM, m.d. Pyles, AC, 9-1.

120- Diem, War, m.d. Gutierrez, McC, 12-0.

126- Metzler, MC, t.f. Zercher, Col, (16-0) 3:40.

132- Tirko, Don, p. Sipe, Eph, 0:53.

138- Hammond, Sol, d. Layser, EL, 13-6.

145- Schnupp, War, m.d. OShea, CV, 12-2.

152- Kramer, CV, m.d. Thomas, Don, 12-1.

160- Warner, Col, d. Pavlik, MC, 6-0.

170- Opp, MT, p. Huber, McC, 2:08.

182- Stauffer, LS, d. Skehan, LC, 9-2.

195- Stief, Hmp, p. Eisenhauer, Eph, 3:29.

220- Lonardi, Et, p. Bressi, GS, 4:12.

285- Crouse, PV, p. Andujar, McC, 0:33. 106- Graves, MT, d. Charles, War , 4-2 SV; Sheehan, Sol p. Lewis, Et, 3:10.

113- Grossmann, MT, p. Hitz, NL, 5:02; Hughes, CC, d. Lobeck, LC, 8-5.

120- Schuyler, MT p. Achey, EL, 3:50; Dumas, Eph m.d. Minnich, Hmp 9-0.

126- Lopez, MT by inj. def. over Bradley, Et; Cook, GS d. Musser, CV, 6-2.

132- Al. Smith, MT, d. Beegle, GS, 5-2; Charles, Sol, m.d. Renninger, AC,11-1.

138- C. Lammer, Eph, d. Ad. Smith, MT, 9-8; Jackson, PV, d. Rivera, Et, 5-1.

145- Lloyd, CC, d. King, GS, 3-1; Warren, Sol, d. Ernest, Et, 8-3.

152- Welk, Sol, m.d. Fiore, CC, 13-5; Wolf, Coc, d. Loiseau, LC, 3-2.

160- Ball, PV, m.d. Daub, NL, 10-0; Shoenberger, War, m.d. Gilson, CC, 8-0.

170- Moran, Sol, p. Dunkle, EL, 3:19; Taltoan, LC d. Mueller, Coc, 6-5.

182- Hichernell, EL, d. Ross, PV, 4-2; Swarr, GS, d. Shorter, MT, 6-3.

195- Pickel, LS, d. Spiller, Sol, 8-1; Graham, PM, m.d. Gerdes, CC, 12-3.

220- Haines, Sol, p. Peterson, Col , 0:40; Goodhart, Hmp, d. Erb, CV 3-1.

285- Lefever, MC, p. McCoy, Don, 3:05; Bloom, GS, p. Schnader, LC, 4:31. 132- Renninger, AC, d. Bucher, MC, 8-4.

152- Fiore, CC, d. Wise, MC, 6-4.

195- Spiller, Sol, p. LaSanta, MC, 1:46.

220- Erb, CV, p. Del Carpio, MC, 4:12. 106- Charles, War, d. West, MC, 8-1.

113- Perry, Sol, d. Stroh, War, 6-0;

126- Eidemiller, Eph, p. Metzler, MC, 1:56.

132- Bucher, MC, d. Tirko, Don, 7-5;

145- M. Lammer, Eph, d. Schnupp, War, 7-4.

152- Wise, MC, t.f. Thomas, Don, 15-0 (3:53).

160- Snyder, Don, d. Pavlik, MC, 6-2.

195- LaSanta, MC, p. Stief, Hem, 1:47.

220- Del Carpio, MC, p. Bressi, GS, 1:48. 106- West, MC, d. Ball, PV, 2-0.

120- Laws, Sol, p. Diem, War, 4:12.

126- Metzler, MC, p. M. Reitenbach, Coc, :38; Eidemiller, Eph, d. Quinn, War, 8-2.

132- Bucher, MC, d. Morales, Hem, 4-0; Sipe, Eph, d. Mousetis, War, 8-6.

138- Sorce, PM, d. Votano, MC, 12-9.

145- Schnupp, War, p. Elliot, Col, 4:06.

152- Wise, MC, d. Gray, War, 5-3.

160- Pavlik, MC, d. Evarts, PM, 6-4.

195- LaSanta, MC, p. Risser, MT, 4:20; Stief, Hem, d. Snavely, War, 2-1.

220- Del Carpio, MC, d. Dent, Leb, 3-1. 106- Charles, War, p. Puglio, Elco, 1:53; Sheehan, Sol, m.d. West, MC, 9-0.

120- Achey, EL, p. Diem, War, 3:34.

126- S.Lopez, MT, d. Metzler, MC, 8-2.

132- Al.Smith, MT, p. Bucher, MC, 1:48.

138- Jackson, PV, d. Votano, MC, 3-2.

152- Wolf, Coc, d. Wise, MC, 5-3.

160- R.Daub, NL, p. Pavlik, MC, :58.

220- Haines, Sol, p. DelCarpio, MC, 1:08.

285- Lefever, MC, p. Crouse, PV, 3:45. 106- West, MC, d. Ditzler, CV, 4-2.

113- Stroh, War, d. Vera, McC, 3-1.

120- Diem, War, d. Fantom, MC, 6-3.

126- Quinn, War, p. May, Don, 2:20.

132- Mousetis, War, d. Dariychuk, CV, 11-4.

145- Schnupp, War, p. Hartman, Hem, :57.

152- Gray, War, d. Fuentes, McC, 8-7.

170- Christie, GS, d. Mellinger, War, 10-3.

182- Fromm, Coc, d. Erb, War, 10-6.

195- LaSanta, MC, p. Orantes, CV, 2:47; Snavely, War, d. Carley, El., 10-4. 113- Stark, Col, p. Middleton, MC, 3:56.

120- Fantom, MC, p. Young, NL, 2:47.

138- Griffith, Hem, d. Ney, War, 9-5.

145- Addis, LS, d. Sanchez, MC, 7-4.

170- Mellinger, War, p. Fenstermacher, LS, :58.

182- Erb, War, d. Cabinaw, Leb, 4-2. 106- Charles, War, t.f. Cunningham, PM, 3:42 (16-1); West, MC, m.d. Wintersohl, Eph, 9-1.

113- Hitz, NL, p. Stroh, War, 1:57; Perry, Sol, p. Middleton, MC, :43.

120- Diem, War, p. Gutierrez, McC, 4:28; Dumas, Eph, d. Fantom, MC, 11-4.

126- Metzler, MC, p. Urena, McC, 1:58; Musser, CV, p. Quinn, War, 1:43.

132- Bucher, MC, p. Alleman, Elco, 1:38; Beegle, GS, p. Mousetis, War, :43.

138- Votano, MC, d. Naqvi, Don, 4-0.

145- Lloyd, CC, p. Sanchez, MC, 1:14; Schmid, PV, d. Schnupp, War, 10-4.

152- Fiore, CC, d. Gray, War, 6-0; Wise, MC, p. Kline, Et, 3:46.

160- Pavlik, MC, d. Warner, Col, 13-7; Shoenberger, War, p. Spahr, LS, 2:25.

170- Opp, MT, d. Mellinger, War, 11-7.

182- Swarr, GS, t.f. Erb, War, 4:00 (17-1).

195- Pickel, LS, m.d. Snavely, War, 10-2; Parker,

McC, p. Lasanta, MC, 1:26.

220- DelCarpio, MC, p. Zechman, AC, :50.

285- Lefever, MC, p. Knisley, PM, :36. 138- E.Daub, NL, d. Ney, War, 10-5.

145- Sanchez, MC, t.f. Rhoads, NL, 4:23 (16-1).

170- Christie, GS, d. Ganse, MC, 7-2.

182- Erb, War, p. Scherer, CC, 2:42.

195- Snavely, War, p. Beiler, PV, :49. 1. Solanco (Sol) 258

2. Manheim Township (MT) 199.5

3. Garden Spot (GS) 152

4. Manheim Central (MC) 123

5. Ephrata (Eph) 117

6. Conestoga Valley (CV) 115

7. Hempfield (Hmp) 112.5

8. Pequea Valley (PV) 105

9. ELCO (EL) 99.5

10. Elizabethtown (Et) 98

10. Lancaster Catholic (LC) 98

12. Cedar Crest (CC) 87

13. Warwick (War) 85

14. Donegal (Don) 77

15. Annville-Cleona (AC) 69

16. Columbia (Col) 65.5

17. Cocalico (Coc) 51.5

18. Penn Manor (PM) 51

19. McCaskey (McC) 50.5

20. Lampeter-Strasburg (LS) 46

21. Northern Lebanon (NL) 45.5

22. Lebanon (Leb) 3 More SHOENBERGER, page B6

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