Rotary donates to Global Baby Steps

By on April 9, 2014

At the March 11 dinner meeting of the Rotary Club of Lititz, Robyn Tally of Global Baby Steps received a check for $500. Robyn informed the Rotarians how appreciative she was for the Club’s continued financial support. She went on to say that every year more than 530,000 women worldwide die during pregnancy and childbirth from complications that could be prevented if only they had access to the most basic obstetrical care.

Global Baby Steps current initiative is focused on the Kisaware District in rural Tanzania where friends are in the initial stages of building a maternity home where women can give birth. The home will spare women and their unborn children the arduous trip many of them now take, often on foot and while in labor, to a distant hospital. Global Baby Steps was founded in 2009 and for more information you can visit their web site at

The Rotary Club of Lititz is continuing to distribute funds to various organizations in Lititz and the surrounding area. These funds were derived from proceeds from the Annual Craft Show, the Annual Golf Tournament, and the Travelogue series now in its 51st year.

Those interested in receiving information pertaining to the Rotary Club of Lititz should visit or call 626-5096.

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