Marks celebrate 56th anniversary

By on July 9, 2014

Harry David Marks and Lois Jane Valentine of Rothsville, celebrated 56 years of marriage on July 8. Dave and Lois (”Cookie” as dad calls her) were married July 8, 1958 by Pastor Fredrickson in Baptist Church of Palmyra in N.J.

The children and their families would like to recognize and congratulate mom and dad’s anniversary, especially during a time in our culture when many marriages never make it to 56 years. The following are the children of Dave and Lois from oldest to youngest: Cheri Simms, Steve Marks, Russel Marks, Karen Law, Jennie Taft, Ruth Carr, Peter Marks, Phillip Marks, Elizabeth, Laurie Smith, Christie Fernald and Carol Tewalt. Dave and Lois also have 35 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren with three more on the way.

Each June, the couple, their children and spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren gather together in Montrose for a five-day family reunion, consisting of swimming, sports, socializing, relaxing, singing, spiritual encouragement, Bible study and homemade food and ice cream. This is the highlight of mom and dad’s year, as their family and time spent with them is what they treasure most.

One might ask, so how do a man and woman keep a marriage and family together for 56 years? We, the family have asked them ourselves and this is what they would tell you:

First and most importantly, God has to approve the marriage and be the authority over it. Second, when you become engaged, this is the time to discuss your values and expectations, your strengths and weaknesses, how you will communicate with each other, and what roles each spouse will take responsibility for. Take as much time as necessary to accomplish this step. Thirdly, agree that the commitment to each other and to God who brought you together can never be broken. Living with someone, loving someone and being married to someone is always a work in progress. They will also tell you that circumstances and changes in life will cause hard times, that love alone will not be enough. You need God, your Creator, to hold you together in good and bad times, and if you make Him first in your personal life, your spouse second and yourself last, that this is what makes a marriage last and enjoyable for both the husband and wife.

They would also tell you that men and women are not equal, but specifically designed differently to complete and need each other. This takes work and lots of love. Husbands need to listen and be attentive to their wife’s heart. Her heart should be more important than any other dream or things in his life. Wives need to learn how to communicate their feelings by giving more of the facts, and not confusing the husband with too many emotions. Wives should never take their husband’s position in the home.

As the children in our home, we were truly loved, respected, encouraged, listened to, taught right from wrong, disciplined fairly with love, and prayed for daily by you, mom and dad. You have blessed us all with your unchanging love and commitment to each other and for all of us. You have been a true example and living testament to what marriage and family should be, and we (your children, our spouses, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren) have been the privileged beneficiaries of all that you, mom and dad, have been and still are today.

Thank you, and Happy 56th Anniversary! We hope you enjoy your day together and as many more years as God is willing to give you.

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