Manheim woman threatens man while in moving vehicle

By on April 23, 2014

The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department reported the following:

norlancoTERRORISTIC THREATS – Police charged Amy Marie Ondeck, 38, of 855 Pearl Avenue, Manheim, with terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person, harassment and driving while her operating privilege is suspended after an incident which occurred April 16 in the 700 block of Lancaster Road in Manheim. Ondeck engaged in a physical altercation with another individual while in a moving car. Ondeck is accused of threatening to “shoot and kill” the victim; grabbed his lips and twisted them, grabbed his testicles, spit on the victim’s face and grabbed the steering wheel while the car was in motion. Charges were filed before District Judge Edward Tobin.

ANIMAL BITE – Police responded to a report of an animal bite in the 1000 block of White Oak Road in Manheim at 9:11 a.m. April 16. A Penn Township resident was bitten on the leg by a stray black cat. The cat could not be located and the individual bitten will need to go through a series of rabies vaccines as a precaution.

SIMPLE ASSAULT – Police charged Abel E. Granthon, 39, of 445 Thrush Drive, Manheim, with simple assault for an incident which took place at the same location. Granthon had an outstanding arrest warrant for these charges, which was served by the Manheim Township Police Department April 16. Granthon was taken into custody without incident, turned over to the NLCRPD and taken to the Lancaster County Prison. His bail information was not available at the time of this release.

PHONE SCAM – A Warwick Township resident on Creekside Lane in Lititz received a phone call April 18 from 376-386-3911. The resident stated that the man on the phone told the resident that he had won a large amount of money. According to the resident, the caller told him to send $199.99 and in return would receive a check for $2,000,000. The resident knew it was a scam and hung up on the caller and did not send any money. Police attempted an additional investigation; the phone number listed would not accept phone calls and the origin could not be determined.

PHONE SCAM – A Warwick Township resident on St. Mark Avenue in Lititz received a letter in the mail indicating she won a $100 gift card from Walmart or Target April 19. The resident was required to call a phone number provided to activate the card. Once the phone call was made, the individual she called attempted to obtain credit card information from the Warwick resident. No information was provided. Police contacted Walmart and confirmed that letter was bogus and so was the scam. None of the resident’s information was compromised.

THEFT – Police responded to investigate a report of theft from a car on Pebble Creek Drive in Lititz at 10:58 a.m. April 20. A Warwick Township resident reported someone stole a bag containing work keys from his unlocked vehicle overnight. The estimated value of the keys is placed at $20. They were contained inside a green colored bag.

THEFT – A Warwick Township resident reported an unknown person entered her unlocked car and removed the contents of her wallet in the 800 block of Parkside Lane in Lititz at 4:14 p.m. April 20. The items included $60 cash, driver’s license, debit card and a $50 gift card.

THEFT – A Warwick Township resident reported that unknown person(s) removed prescription medication from his residence in the 300 block of Crosswinds at 8:32 p.m. April 20 while he was at church. The value of the medication is less that $20.

The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department serves Warwick, Penn and Clay townships.

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