Win or Lose

By on April 16, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

Will the Republican Party win back the White House in 2016 or takeover the Senate this fall from the Democratic Machine?

Will the Republican Party get out the votes to win any elections this fall?

Will there be any fraud in the next election?

There were club-bearing Black Panthers standing at some polls in Philadelphia, and I would contend that this is intimidation at its best. The U.S. Attorney General didn’t think so; he refused to prosecute.

During most registration periods there have been reports of people registering many times, but then it was said it doesn’t happen that much. This is a problem, because one vote can cost an election? George Bush vs. Florida.

I wouldn’t require a picture ID to vote, it’s not necessary, when you show up at the polls to vote they take your fingerprint. Double prints, you go to jail for voter fraud. A handful of votes cost the Democrats the election.

Putting all this aside and realizing what happened in 2012, Mitt Romney lost the election because the Republican Party was so certain that over three million normal Republican voters didn’t vote. However, before the Primary election was over, the Republican Party candidates had beaten up every candidate that was running. The party did it to themselves, and they are continuing to do so again. They don’t understand, you don’t tear down your own party candidates, you tell the people just exactly what you are going to do to change what is being done now that will better their lives, and make every effort to accomplish your promise. A do-nothing Congress the Democrats say, but did you know that the Republican controlled House passed over 140 bills last year and not one of them was brought up for discussion in the Democratic controlled Senate. Who is a do nothing Congress and why aren’t the Republicans speaking out, telling the American people?

Howard L. Snoke

Warwick Township

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