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By on March 26, 2014

In talking to Barry West and Jim Tribble this week, you realize that in every person you pass on the street, even in a small town like Lititz, there are amazing stories. How many of them are untold? How many have yet to unfold?

These two men served our country during some sketchy times. The Russians wanted to break us, Kennedy had just been assassinated, Vietnam was escalating. To be 20 years old and a key component in the sculpting of history is remarkable. These are two guys I really admire, and it was a pleasure and an honor to listen to their stories Monday night.

On the same front page this week, we have a local couple whose road to peace is one of government protest. Equally honorable, in my opinion.

If we take the time to listen, we find that we have more in common than what our instincts have led us to believe.

And that concludes this session of 5 a.m. diplomatic philosophy with Steve. Join me next week as I try to connect the Lebanon Levi roller skating party to the high cost of organic produce.

The arrival of a new moon sheds some light on what appears to be a busy spring.

The editor’s calendar:

• I’m cooking for a vegetarian tonight. BLTs are two-thirds vegetable. That’s called compromise.

• Special meeting early tomorrow morning to hash out the final details of an upcoming historical walking tour. More to come on that, but I’m lobbying for a Walk of Fame down Main Street that will include Victor Borge.

• Sunday is the Leo Recognition Banquet at the Sutter. These kids once again did a phenomenal job with the Fire & Ice Festival, giving us all great hope for the future leadership of Lititz. The big question for me though… should I go with the crispy chicken Caesar salad, braised beef with mashed potato, or crab cake sandwich?

• Business-to-Business meeting set for Monday night. If we can become a self-sufficient community, Lititz could possibly reclaim the coolest small town title. Lots of potential here.

• Is it coincidence that the next board meeting for the Young Men’s Business League is scheduled for April 1? It seems fitting for this crew. However, April is a proud moment for this storied civic franchise, as the 21st marks its 100th anniversary. The club will celebrate with a members-only social on that day, but there will be community events throughout the year so that Lititz can become more acquainted with the organization that once served as our chamber of commerce.

• Rent is due next week. Does that count as business-to-business?

• Jumping ahead past Easter, the first big community event of the spring will be the Pretzel Festival on April 26. One of the highlights is the dunk tank. Who will be on this year’s roster? Stay tuned…

And as the weather warms so too will our hearts for outdoor activity, and that means LititzSpringsPark will soon be in bloom. The volunteers there have been hard at work refurbishing the bandshell. Look for an update on that project in an upcoming issue of your favorite local newspaper.

And no, I’m not talking about The Review.

Have a great week!

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