Trash talk

By on February 20, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

On my way to work this morning (Feb. 6), I witnessed something that I feel must be mentioned.

I was traveling on Cedar Street in Lititz and came upon two garbage trucks in the road. One was facing towards me, the other was facing away from me. Of course, I stopped and assumed they would be done momentarily and I would be on my way. Unfortunately, the person behind me in the black BMW did not have this same attitude. He immediately started honking. When I didn’t move and the trucks did not move, he continued to honk. After a moment or two, one truck went on his way and a young man from the other truck waved me by him. As I passed the truck, I looked in my rearview mirror and it appeared to me that the drive of the other car had stopped and was saying something to the workers. If, in fact, he did, I suspect it was not a compliment.

Clearly, this person thought he was way more important than any of us. Mind you this was in 20 degree weather with snow banks on either side of the street. The trash collectors were just trying to do their job in difficult circumstances. I have no doubt that this man wouldn’t last an hour doing that job.

Let’s remember to have a little patience on the road and to thank those who make our lives easier by doing their job, even in 20 degrees.

Wendy Motz


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