Time for Impeachment

By on February 6, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

Has anything Mr. Obama told the American people since he threw his hat in the ring for oval office been the truth?

First, he stated he was going to have all our troops home by the end of his first year in office, that didn’t happen. Instead, he sent 40,000 more over and now their time is extended to at least 2014 if not longer &tstr; first falsehood.

Then there is the immigration law. He wants to make some 80,000 people legal, and provide health care for them. Is this fair to all those who have lost their health care? But then he does have an aunt and uncle who are here illegally, which he stated he didn’t know the uncle, but he lived with him &tstr; another falsehood.

Can we trust his family? Didn’t his father have two wives? Did the act of deceiving start with his father?

He stated we were going to have a transparent administration; the only thing transparent about this administration is Mr. Obama.

He stated it was time for change. We got change alright, but not for the better. Things have gotten worse, the debt is larger than ever and more people have lost their jobs, homes and their health care.

For his infamous Obamacare, he’s sorry because he didn’t know people would lose their coverage, pre-existing conditions weren’t covered, we couldn’t keep our present health care providers, peoples’ families would be dropped and companies would cut work hours to save on the expense of paying for insurance for those employees.

Two last things I feel are important:

Mr. Obama playing the race card, regarding his grandmother’s funeral. He made the statement, “I am here for my white grandmother’s funeral,” (race card). The Zimmerman shooting he said, “That could have been me, a young black man,” (race card). Mr. Obama, your father was black &tstr; your words &tstr; your mother was white &tstr; my words.

Now let’s not forget the propaganda the oval office put out when four Americans were killed after they begged for help and they were left to die when the seals could have been there in four house. The conflict lasted eight hours, but they were told to step down. What did Mr. Obama do? He went to bed.

But funny this never came out until after the election, also that was an act of terrorism and the White House knew it.

If we have another three years of this administration, I am afraid we are going to have a total socialist government.

I, for one, do not want to live in a socialist country.

And one last important matter, the nuclear plants, he has Mr. Putin overseeing this matter &tstr; an ex-KGB officer.

I feel I have shown some of the reasons Mr. Obama really doesn’t care about America.

People, things are not getting better. Let’s turn that finger around and point it towards the ones who deserve it.

We can’t blame President Bush anymore.

Time for impeachment? I think so.

Lorraine Heckel

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