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By on February 6, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

I’m writing this letter to the editor about something I witnessed at Weis markets in Lititz the evening of Jan. 30. It has always been a pet peeve of mine to see someone use a handicapped parking space when they are not legally allowed to do so.

As a recent lower limb amputee myself, it makes me even more aware of this practice.This person was obviously too lazy to walk a few extra steps, and opted to inconvenience other individuals who already have enough obstacles in their lives. Not only did this person park in a handicapped spot without the mirror tag or the handicapped license plate, but actually took up part of the spot next to theirs.

When you become physically challenged in your life, you come to the realization that to resume your life as it once was, it’s going to take a lot of effort on your part. Then to see someone pull a sad stunt like that, it’s just discouraging. Lititz is filled with a lot of great folks, but what I saw was an act of a selfish, indolent person. Shame on you.

Michael J. Romascavage


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