State of the union suit

By on January 21, 2015

While the President and Congress continue to spew rhetoric, most of America is left in the cold. Get out your long underwear, Lititz, because the local chill could dwell far beyond winter if Susquehanna Bank is downsized.

Not much has been said since one of the borough’s biggest employers was acquired by the BB&T Corporation, based in North Carolina, for $2.5 billion two months ago. The absence of information during the dark days of the year casts a cloud of concern over the downtown, where Susquehanna currently occupies three blocks of property and several buildings. The bank’s PR department says talk of its future in Lititz is speculative and premature. In other words, the corporate structure in North Carolina is not ready to share its plan with our community. That may be a sound strategy for billionaires who don’t live here, but Lititz should be talking about the future of this company, its properties, and its role in the downtown economy.

Another downtown mystery is the Lititz VFW. The most decorated post in all of Pennsylvania remains dark, and not even its membership (at least the members we’ve talked to) can explain why the post was shut down by state VFW officials. Meanwhile, with each passing non-revenue generating day, the community of Lititz suffers. If the VFW isn’t making money, then local non-profit organizations such as fire companies and scouting programs will not be receiving the donations upon which they’ve come to depend.

Interestingly, a member of the VFW is our sole letter writer this week. I’ve noticed that many in Lititz have passionate viewpoints on a variety of issues that are of great importance to our community, yet few share them, and thus those voices are silenced. I would encourage our readers to utilize this editorial space for respectful discourse on the future of our beloved burg, if for no other reason than to tell me I’m full of bologna.

This is not a doom and gloom column, but a call for open communication among the citizenry. There is no future in silence and executive sessions. Let’s fill the meeting halls and the editorial pages, and make sure the future of Lititz remains bright, even during these dark and cold days of late January. The positive changes in Lititz over the past several years are evident, but we cannot rest on our laurels.

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