Spring cleaning

By on March 19, 2014

winterWe made it! We’re out of the wintry woods. Spring is here. Flowers, birds, sunlight… happiness.

However, Monday’s arrival with a blanket of snow for Lititz was just in time to remind us that Mother Nature has no concern for our convenient calendars. Weather has been making things difficult for our schools, but Warwick was finally able to set a graduation date (June 12). That’s assuming the historical “Easter Blizzard of ‘14” doesn’t push the school year into August.

Monday’s snow and ice did prompt another two hour delay for students, which seems to have become the norm this year. It was certainly warranted. I nearly collided with an two-vehicle collision between a Bomberger’s delivery van and an SUV on Meadow Valley Road. The pavement was definitely slick. The delay also forced us to reschedule our planned interview with Warwick’s top three science fair winners. Look for that interview in next week’s issue.

Steven Seeber, Editor

Steven Seeber, Editor

While inspecting the fine work of our young scientists during last week’s program, I realized that you don’t stumble into a room full of tie-wearing teenagers too often. I recalled my own days of science fairs and the biology halls of Lock Haven High School way back in the 1980s. Later that day, while going through some boxes in the attic I uncovered my “Stoichiometry: Essential to Life” paper from high school.

“A quantitative study of the reaction between potassium iodide and lead nitrate using stoichiometry to find quantities and weights.”

What does that mean? I dissolved 1.66 grams of KI in a 250 ml beaker filled with 25 mls of H2O? I have no idea what anything on this paper means. How did my retention of knowledge depreciate so significantly over the past 25 years?

Back to spring cleaning.

I have a difficult time throwing anything away (except for knowledge, apparently). Paystubs from former employers, a comedy club cocktail napkin, old homework assignments all should have been recycled or incinerated long ago, but I have this innate fear that these tangible memories are the only thing preventing me from forgetting, and if I forget too much, suddenly I’m all alone. There is no scarier prospect in the human psyche than that of being alone, and the comfort in a box of old stuff that hasn’t seen the incandescent light of a dusty attic 40 watt in who knows how many years is unmatched.

I found a paycheck receipt from my first job when I moved to Lititz in 1994, a whopping $134.30 for manning the fish fry stand in the parking lot. Those were scorching hot summer days, painful at the time but now I look back on the struggle with fondness.


Also in box:

A gift receipt for a basket and book from The Herb Shop, which once resided at 20 E. Main St. Someday that space will be part of a pub expansion at the Bulls Head.

I found a step-by-step how-to guide for the Ickey Shuffle along with my old fantasy football roster – Bam Morris, Dave Meggett, Mark Carrier, Brian Blades, Chris Boniol… It was like reading my 12th grade stoichiometry report.

My first daughter’s daily report from her Little Rascals was in there, dated Oct. 18, 1994. She ate most of her fish sticks that day. Today she won’t go near seafood. There was an old magazine article I wrote about incorporating hot dogs into a cheap Halloween costume, some Memorial Day photos that I took in Lititz about 20 years ago, and my brother’s 1986 Freshman Fling picture. Nice mullet, Jason!

I don’t think I can throw any of this stuff away. Back in the box it goes for another snowy day 20 years from now.

Happy spring cleaning!

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