By on February 20, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

Did or did not Gov. Christie know about the closing of the lane of a bridge in New Jersey?

Mr. Wildstein says “yes,” but then Mr. Wildstein has changed his story many times. He asserted his rights of self-incrimination, plus asking for immunity. Wonder why?

My point is this: Why is this becoming such big news? People are more concerned about this then they were when Mr. Clinton lied under oath to the grand jury at his impeachment trial. Oh, that’s right, he was re-elected wasn’t he?

Would this be big news if Gov. Christie wasn’t a Republican, or thinking of running for office in 2016?

I thought maybe the national debt, people losing their jobs, healthcare, Americans losing their lives in war zones that consist of people that hate us would be more important.

Well, I guess a bridge is more important. May I ask what grave problem did that cause the American people?

Lorraine Heckel


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