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By on February 6, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

George Washington won a lasting place in American history as the “Father of our Country.” For nearly 20 years, he guided his country much as a father cares of a growing child. In three important ways Washington helped shape the beginning of the United States.

First, he commanded the Continental Army that won our independence from Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.

Secondly, Washington served as president of the convention that wrote the United States Constitution.

Thirdly, he was the first man elected president of the United States.

From the Revolutionary War on, his birthday has been celebrated each year throughout the country. George Washington’s official birthday is celebrated this year on Feb. 22. Also, we have another great president’s birthday in February. Abe Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated on Feb. 12.

The National Department of PA, District 9 and local Lititz Springs Post 1463 Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary urge all Americans to pay tribute to Abe Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12), George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22), and on President’s Day, Feb. 17 by flying the national flag on these days.

Anne Loechner

Patriotic Instructor
Lititz Springs VFW Post 1463
Ladies Auxiliary

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