Mothballing the military

By on March 19, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

To all Americans, especially our veterans:

I received an e-mail the other day that gave me information that I didn’t want to hear. Did you know that there have been over 1,000 Service members killed in the last 27 months in Afghanistan? Did you know that over 50 members were killed by the very troops we are training to defend Afghanistan itself?

What I find strange about the story is when George Bush was president, we were told daily by the news media how many servicemen and women were killed every day. What is the administration hiding and where is the news media? It appears that the commander in chief is AWOL again (absent).

Doesn’t anyone in this administration care about our service men and women that are dying to preserve this nation? I, as a veteran of 35.5 years find this deplorable and I am sure you do also. When I read that we are going to gut the present military again, as was done by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, our nation is in for a big fall, and God help our children in their future.

The province of Crimea has been taken by the Russians from Ukraine, two provinces in Georgia were taken by the Russians. The ruthless dictatorship in Syria has been saved by the Russians. Iran is developing an atomic bomb and we are backing away from sanctions. Our once-ally Egypt has just signed an agreement with the Russians. Iraq is falling back into the hands of the Muslim radicals. The Afghan president wants us out. China is claiming islands that belong to Japan. America is mothballing many of our naval ships. We are cutting back on our Air Force wings and mothballing some planes. We are reducing several battalions in the Army and Marines.

This Administration and Congress are gutting our military that defends America. Democrats or Republicans, it’s past time to talk to your representatives. If you don’t care, maybe your children will.

Howard L. Snoke

Warwick Township

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