‘Grease’ not as family-friendly as touted

By on March 26, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

Last weekend I went to see Warwick’s High School Musical “Grease.” As with all Warwick’s productions they are done with excellence (vocals, acting, choreography, music etc.) and this was no exception. I could tell that everyone put a lot of hard work into their parts.

I’m not so sure that as much work/thought was put into the choice of musical. I was familiar with the show, and knew it was fairly “racy.” I actually wasn’t going to attend but when I read in the newspaper that the play was “tweaked to make it family friendly,” I decided to go and brought my 4th grader along.

I must admit I’m not really sure what we are calling “family friendly” these days. I’m having a problem with the talk of losing virginity, broken condoms, and getting pregnant out of wedlock (oh yeah; it was just a close call, better be more careful next time) being considered “family-friendly.”

Maybe most disturbing was the theme of the play – in order to “fit in,” you must give up your moral standard. Just join the crowd you’ll get the guy and have lots of friends too. Is that really what we want to be teaching our kids?

In my opinion this was a poor choice for a high school play. My hope is that in the future more thought will be put into the production choices and maybe someone needs to look at the overall message being sent.

Veronica Myer


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