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By on March 5, 2014

Editor, Record Express,

Just a little information, from my sources, for you to digest:

Did you know that our current administration spent over $800 billion dollars and has very little to show for it? After spending all this money, there are still over 10.2 million people out of work. Just counting the people that filed for unemployment; not those that just quit looking.

Did you know that another travesty is that in the black community 12.1 percent of adults are employed and unemployed black teenagers is a record of 38 percent?

Did you now that 47 percent of all Americans are under the poverty level? Did you know that this administration spent $150 billion dollars on what they call Green Energy and the Green Corruption files blog indicated that 32 Obama-backed environmental firms have gone bankrupt and another 22 are now in dire financial trouble?

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma made this statement: “It’s a $2 trillion travesty built on criminal government malpractice.” It was a joke.

I remember reading that many of these green jobs were Obama supporters and it’s reasonable to think that they got their money back. The Republicans have been charged with doing nothing or called obstructionist, by the Democratic Party, but did you know that the Republican House passed 148 legislative bills last year and sent them to the Senate? Did you also know that the Senator majority leader Harry Reid never brought one of them to the floor for a discussion?

My question is simple, where are all the training facilities for the unemployed and welfare recipients? Unless there is a change quickly, this nation is in deep trouble.

Did you know that 72 percent of all black babies born are to single mothers? Did you know that about half that number of babies is born to white mothers that are single? It’s not a matter of how many, it’s something is missing in their homes &tstr; a father. Saying to all unmarried females, before you have a baby, just think of what that baby’s future will be without a father. You see, all babies needs a happy home with both a mother and father. I know because I spent seven years in a children’s orphanage without either.

Did you know that Obamacare has been changed 28 times illegally? It’s the law and only the House can change any law they passed. The Constitution has been totally violated by this administration. It’s time for a change. What do you think?

Howard L. Snoke

Warwick Township

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