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By on January 9, 2019

New Warwick School Resource Officer has been a fixture at local schools, as a student, parent and coach

It’s been 40 years since Ken Wolfe walked the halls of Warwick High School as a student. However, the 1979 Warwick grad last week returned to his alma mater as the new school resource officer — better known as the SRO. Wolfe became the second Warwick School District SRO on Jan. 7 and he couldn’t be happier.

“This school district is the coolest district in the world,” Wolfe said with a beaming smile. Although it was his first day on the job, working in the district is second nature to the longtime Lititz Borough Police officer, who originally joined the Lititz force in 1999.

Warwick School District officials last week welcomed Lititz Police Officer Kenneth Wolfe in his new role as the School Resource Officer (SRO).

In a way it’s as if Wolf has never left Warwick. He’s been a fixture at the schools, as a policeman, student, parent, and coach — an assistant football and baseball coach, helping to coach the winning district baseball team — and as an athlete, playing on the tennis team and serving as student manager of the football team. While he worked for Lititz Borough, Wolfe often spent time at the schools and at school events. He was very popular among the students, for two very important reasons: Duke and Reky. Duke and Reky were the two K-9 officers that Wolfe served with, as he headed the borough’s K-9 unit. Both German Shepherds, Duke was Wolfe’s first dog. After Duke retired, Reky joined the K-9 force, until his retirement. Both dogs were instrumental in catching burglars, bank robbers and drug dealers in Lancaster County. They were often called on as the earlier police dogs in the county. The K-9 unit was especially appealing to the children, who loved both Duke and Reky when they visited the schools. It was a great way to introduce young people to the police department.

“One year Duke was the grand marshal for the Lititz Fourth of July Parade,” says Wolfe, adding that everyone cheered for the handsome hero. That gave Wolfe a good rapport with young people, which he brings to his new position at the Warwick School District. He will be serving all six schools in the district, although his office in located in the high school. He works with John Schofield, who retired from Lititz PD as detective sergeant before moving to the newly created role as Coordinator of School Safety and Security for the Warwick School District. Lancaster County Court deputized Schofield as a school police officer, affording him the same duties as a municipal police officer. He serves as Chief of the Warwick School District Police, working hand-in-hand with Officer Wolfe, who is an employee of both the school district and Lititz Borough Police. “I’m very excited to be working with Ken again,” says Schofield. “He is loved and admired by the kids.” Wolfe said his role as SRO “is to be here for the kids.”

As SRO, Wolfe (left) joins John Schofield (right) who retired from Lititz PD as detective sergeant before moving to the newly created role as Coordinator of School Safety and Security for the Warwick School District.

“ I want them to know that I am here for them and they always have someone to go to,” he said, stressing that he wants to add an extra level of support for the students at Warwick who have been through so much. He is very impressed with the way the teachers and administration care so much for the students, noting, “I want to be a part of that.” Wolfe began his school years in Lititz when he moved from Lebanon as a middle school student.

The son of Nellie Boyer and the late Richard Weik, his brother Kirk Wolfe is a Quarryville police officer and SRO officer at Solanco. He and his wife, Kelly, have a son and two grandchildren. Wolfe served for more than 12 years with the U.S. Air Force, then worked at Lancaster County Prison, before joining the Lititz Police Department 20 years ago. In his new position, he replaces the first Warwick SRO Peter Savage, who has become a detective with the Lititz Borough Police. Wolfe is happy to hear that efforts are being made to restore Lititz Borough’s K-9 unit.

Laura Knowles is a freelance feature writer and regular contributor to the Record Express. She can be reached at lknowles21@gmail.com.

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