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By on September 11, 2019

Renovation to begin on Lititz Springs Pool

Lititz Springs Pool, a beloved fixture since 1962, is officially closed for the season.

But returning patrons next summer will dip their toes into a new and improved facility.

Construction, which began last week, will usher in a new era for the community space at the new Lititz recSprings Pool.

This scheduled renovation eliminates the growing list of concerns officials faced in recent years.

Now you see it…a bird’s eye view an empty Lititz Springs Pool during the 2019 season. Photo courtesy of the 717 Drone Guys.

According to a press release issued by the Lititz recCenter, the non-profit organization which will operate, manage, and staff the complex, several months of effort in navigating design and engineering details, budgets, contracting, and grant funding yielded a $4.5 million project plan that will not drastically change the landscape of the complex, but will enable the facility to operate with new, efficient, life systems; ADA compliant access; remodeled bathhouses; and expanded aquatics recreation space.

“September and October will see a great deal of demolition and excavating in order to take advantage of weather prior to winter,” said Jennifer Henry, development and marketing Coordinator at the Lititz recCenter.

Pumps, piping, filtration, circulation, and chemical systems (all hidden from view), are the most costly yet critical parts of the project.

The most notable new feature will be a large splash pad that will boast a natural theme. Sprayers, raining trees, bubblers, fountains, geysers, and more will give guests an area to play and romp outside of the main pool.

This space, as well as the zero-entry element, will make water play a reality for those with physical limitations.

The press release stated that while funding did not permit a separate, third wading pool for children to be retained, the primary pool will be expanded with a large, beach-like zero-entry area for both young children as well as adults to enjoy.

The scheduled pool renovation eliminates the growing list of concerns officials faced in recent years.

The diving boards will also remain, and a new open spiral slide will be added. Design plans also call for a floating lily pad and cargo net system. Benches for relaxing and viewing will also be incorporated into shallow areas.

“Our planning team has persevered through multiple redesigns and revisions to stay within a reasonable project budget and create a modern and engaging facility the community can enjoy for many more decades,” said Karen Mailen, executive director of Lititz recCenter.

Warwick Township plans to contribute toward the Lititz Springs Pool renovation, which will be underway shortly. Lititz Springs Pool is expected to be completed by May 2020 in time for the summer season. It was reported that community and business fundraising has reached just over 1 million, and another $1 million will be needed through a loan.

A grant of $1.5 million was sponsored by state Sen. Ryan Aument through the PA Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RACP). Collectively through the WRRC, Warwick Township,

A splash pad is one of the new elements that will be born out of the renovation of the current Lititz Springs Pool.

Elizabeth Township, and Lititz Borough will be contributing toward the pool renovation with $500,000.

According to plans developed by Lititz architectural firm Derck & Edson, the updated pool will include family and assisted shower and restrooms, and a boardwalk overlook surrounding buildings.

The pool dates back to the 1960s and has been in dire need of improvements, officials have reported. While the property is located in Lititz Borough, it is operated by the Lititz recCenter and serves the entire Warwick area community.

Additional fundraising is planned to continue throughout the opening of the newly-renovated facility next year.

According to Jennifer Henry, what was evident by the admission numbers this season was that patrons took full advantage of having the chance to use the familiar spot one last time.

“Attendance was actually higher this year than 2018, given the much more accommodating summer weather,” she said. “Pool memberships have stayed steady over the past few years.”

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