Warwick Township amends proposed 2019 budget

By on December 12, 2018

More revenue, less expenditures, no tax hike

There was good news reported at Warwick Township Supervisor’s meeting Dec. 5.

The proposed 2019 general fund draft budget was updated with a projected increase in revenues of $16,000, due to higher than anticipated amounts of interest and earned income taxes. There was also an anticipated decrease in expenditures of $110,000, which will be achieved by “prepaying” some obligations, such as the purchase of play equipment for the municipal park. The newly updated budget calls for a total revenue of $5,002,937 and total expenditures are $4,999,844, which will yield a small fund balance of $3,093.

The good news for Warwick Township residents is that there will be no new taxes or property tax increases planned for Warwick Township in the coming year. The millage rate is expected to remain at the current millage rate of 0.02325. Warwick Township has maintained the equivalent of this millage rate since 1990. Among planned expenditures for 2019 are design planning and permitting for the joint project to complete the Sixth Street extension, installation of new play equipment at the Warwick Township Municipal Park and channel improvements at Saylor Park.

Supervisors continued their discussion on modification of the zoning ordinance regulating communications towers and antennas in the township. The ordinance would revise the provisions related to the approval, location, design and operation of wireless communications facilities. The ordinance would set the requirements applicable to communications antennas and communications towers, including those outside and within the right-of-way.

Among the issues being considered are guidelines on placement of cell towers in certain neighborhoods where residents want coverage, but do not want the physical tower in the neighborhood.

“We need to figure out how to protect residential neighborhoods, while still providing service,” noted township manager Daniel Zimmerman, who added that working with HOAs, the township hopes to establish guidelines that will balance appearance with service. In subdivision-related business, supervisors reviewed a plan for a seven-home development off West Woods Drive. The four-acre property is owned by David Trimble and zoned R1.

The developer is requesting several waivers relating to the private street, curbing and sidewalks. Steve Gergely of Harbor Engineering provided information on the plan, and supervisors offered suggestions on how to extend the private street so that there would be two entrances to the development and no driveway access on West Woods Drive.

Supervisors approved a time extension to record the plan for Sheetz store in at Newport Road and Route 501 in Warwick Township and for a time extension to record the Moove In plan for 931 Lititz Pike.

Laura Knowles is a freelance feature writer and regular contributor to the Record Express. She can be reached at lknowles21@gmail.com. 

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