Warwick receives WEF check for $27,548

By on September 18, 2019

The Warwick Education Foundation presented the Warwick School District with a $27,548 gift at the Sept. 17 school board meeting.

The gift was a check to fund 12 grants for 31 Warwick teachers to provide unique programs for their students.

The grants were for the high school, middle school, and all four elementary schools. The Warwick Education Foundation has been working with the community and businesses to raise funds for extra programs at the school district.

“Since it began two decades ago, the Warwick Education Foundation has provided over $2 million to enrich learning for the K-12 students of the Warwick School District,” said Grant Hummer, president of the Warwick Education Foundation. “We congratulate the grant recipients and look forward to continuing to support Warwick education.”

One of the grants was for a food and nutritional program to be used in the consumer science department of the high school to understand healthy lifestyle choices. Students will be using test kits to learn about the nutritional content of food, avoiding bacterial contamination, and proper disposal of food to reduce pollution.

“We are looking forward to using these test kits to analyze what’s in fast food. I think the students will be surprised,” said consumer science teacher Cindy Kensinger, as she thanked the foundation for its funding.

Another example of a program funded by the Warwick Education Foundation is for seventh graders at Warwick Middle School to attend a live theatre performance of “My Heart in a Suitcase,” which is the story of a Jewish family in Nazi-controlled Berlin who choose to send their daughter to safety in Great Britain.

In the elementary schools, the One Book, One School community-wide program encourages students, parents, family, and educators to read and share the same book, with activities in the school, at home, and within the community.

Serving the educational enrichment of the entire community, the Warwick Education Foundation will be presenting its 8th annual Lititz Storytelling Festival on Sept. 27 and 28, with four nationally recognized storytellers presenting concerts and workshops. They will be visiting all six Warwick schools, and presenting community programs at the General Sutter Inn, Warwick High School, Lititz Elementary School, and Linden Hall. Proceeds will fund the Warwick Education Foundation.

The Warwick Education Foundation will also be holding a Raising Warwick education celebration event on Oct. 1 at 4:30 p.m. at Traditions of America. The free event is open to students, educators, volunteers, fellow donors, and community members.

Warwick School District Superintendent Dr. April Hershey reported that the 2019-20 school year got off to a good start on Sept. 3. She noted that the school district’s first facility dog, Wally, also began school that day. The facility dog has been visiting all of the schools, and will be joined by additional facility dogs in the coming months.

The Warwick School Board welcomed the newest student representative Olivia Hartman to her first school board meeting. Hartman is a junior at Warwick High School, and is involved in Student Council, PALS, secretary of Aevidum, and Lititz Leos. She will attend school board meetings to report on school activities, and will serve on the Student Activities and Education Committees.

Pictured (left to right) are Ken Kauffman, Michael Landis, Barbara Mobley, Grant Hummer, and Aaron Schwartz with a check presented from the Warwick Education Foundation.

The board approved the first reading of six proposed policy changes relating to school board requirements for training and orientation, admission of students for starting age for kindergarten at 5-years-old at the start of the school year and 6-years-old for the start of first grade, attendance policies, student withdrawal policies that require that students cannot withdraw from school before age 18, health examination screenings and immunization requirements, and revisions to food services policies.

Matthew Snavely was appointed as a community member of the school board’s Finance & Legal Committee.

In personnel matters, the board approved the election of Erika Deeter as a full-year long-term substitute kindergarten teacher at John R. Bonfield Elementary School, for a position that is necessary due to increased kindergarten enrollment.

New 2019-2020 school board student representative, Olivia Hartman.

The board approved the appointment of David Dorman as holiday choral concert stage craft supervisor, choral concert stage craft supervisor, and musical set construction #1 at Warwick High School, replacing Jeff Oberholtzer who resigned from all three extra-duty positions.

Four Sunday-use requests were approved, including Marching Band Parents to use the middle school cafeteria-kitchen area for team meal prep on Nov. 10, Ephrata Thunder to use the middle school gym on Jan. 26 for a basketball game, Dance Dynamics to use the high school auditorium on June 7, and Lititz Youth Soccer to use John Beck practice fields Sept. 8 through Nov. 3.

Meet new Warwick School District facility dog, Wally. He has been visiting all of the schools, and will be joined by additional facility dogs in the coming months.

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