Warwick crowns Maymi Is a Wilbur Chocolate endorsement possible?

By on October 19, 2011

By: STEPHEN SEEBER Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

Photo by Preston Whitcraft
Warwick senior Cristina Maymi is crowned homecoming queen by classmate Sarah Fitzpatrick.Photo by Preston Whitcraft
Warwick senior Cristina Maymi is crowned homecoming queen by classmate Sarah Fitzpatrick.

The Warwick football team may have come up short in their homecoming game against McCaskey, Cristina Maymi won the collective heart of her classmates.

Students voted the Warwick senior as this year’s homecoming queen. She was joined by a court of 11 peers during the halftime ceremony. Maggie Cunliffe was selected as second runner-up, and Julia Loose was first runner-up. The remainder of the court included Greta Weidemoyer, Reagan Conrad, Lauren Stork, Brittney Bomberger, Savannah Watkins, Taylor Stork, Valeria Blanco, Taylor Calta and Jillian Mullen.

The crowning achievement followed a week of homecoming-related activities and preceded Saturday’s homecoming dance at the high school. When the dust settled, Warwick’s new queen shared her thoughts with the local newspaper:

Record Express: When did you know for sure that you won? Do you recall what you said, or what someone nearby may have said to you, when your name was announced?

Cristina: I heard the announcer say that Maggie was second runner up and Julia was the first runner up. I was so happy for them. I didn’t think that the announcer was going to say my name, but the next name announced was mine. I was surprised. I didn’t believe it. The moment I knew for sure was when I looked over at my dad and, with his eyes open very wide, he said, "Wow, you won!"

Record Express: What goes on between the time that you find out you’re on the court and the actual announcement of the winner?

Cristina: After I found out I was on the court I felt really excited about being selected. I had to figure out what I was going to wear. I was able to have a fun shopping day with my mom and spend quality time together. When I told my family I was selected they were extremely happy for me. They were able to reminisce about their time in high school and past homecomings. At school a lot of people wished me luck and congratulated me on being selected to the court. People asked me if I was excited and I said, "Yeah! Who wouldn’t be?"

Record Express: What does being homecoming queen mean to you personally?

Cristina: Personally, it means that my peers respect me enough to give me this title. I really appreciate their recognition of my character. I hope to show my peers through my actions as a student that I can be a positive and supportive peer.

Record Express: What did you do Friday night, before and after the football game? And how was the dance on Saturday?

Cristina: Before the football game I went to my cousin Hamzah Dawood’s soccer game. I really enjoy spending time with family at sporting events. I went home and got ready for the football game with the help of my mother and aunts. Everybody in my family was excited for me and showed it through their well-wishes and support. I had about 21 family members in the stands cheering me on. If my entire family showed up they would have had to take over an entire section. They would have rivaled with the student section. Unfortunately, not all of them could make it, but they wished me good luck throughout the week.

After the football game, I went home took pictures with my family and ate Roma’s pizza. It was fun to look back at the evening’s events with my family and listen and watch each other’s reenactments when they heard my name announced.

Record Express: Did you watch the football game? What did you think of the game? (check out full coverage of the game in this week’s sports section)

Cristina: Yes, I watched the football game, hoping to see Warwick win. I also like to see my cousin Zain Dawood play for Warwick. I thought Warwick played hard and still had hope that they could pull through and end with a victory. So, yes it was disappointing that Warwick did not win, because I saw that they were trying to win by showing their effort till the end.

Record Express: What will you remember most about Homecoming 2011?

Cristina: The thing I will remember the most will be my family and friends reactions to me winning homecoming queen. They were very excited and comical! I will also remember the incredible support I got from the National Arts Honor Society and its director, Ms. Hohenadel.

Record Express: Were you crowned by last year’s queen? Did she have any words of wisdom for you?

Cristina: No, I was not crowned by last year’s queen, but by a peer, Sarah Fitzpatrick, who helped organize the event. Sarah said congratulations with a big smile on her face!

Record Express: Do you get to keep the crown, or do you have to give it up to next year’s queen? If you do get to keep it, what will you do with it (it’s not really something you can wear every day)?

Cristina: I believe I get to keep the crown. No one said I couldn’t, so that sounds good to me! I will wear it whenever my sister says, "Who do you think you are?" and I’ll say, "A queen!"

Record Express: Have you gotten any endorsements yet? If you could land any endorsement you wanted, what would it be?

Cristina: No, I have not been given any endorsements yet and don’t anticipate any. If I could do any, it would be Wilbur’s chocolate! It’s my favorite chocolate!

Record Express: After such a busy day, and perhaps stressful, what is the next day like?

Cristina: The day after was nice, calm and relaxing. My mom made me breakfast in bed. I had a nice time at the homecoming dance with my cousins, Zain and Hamzah, and my friends, Jill and Nadine. After the dance I went to see a movie at Penn Cinema and later had girl’s night at my house with my friends.

Record Express: Over the years, there have been many homecoming queens among other WHS achievements and honors. Where does Cristina Maymi fit into Warwick High School history? When historians look back on this day, 50 years from now, what will be your legacy?

Cristina: I believe I fit into history as being the girl with the curliest hair! Hopefully my legacy will be the girl with a big smile, happy and caring attitude, and great personality. I am not truly sure if anyone will remember this event 50 years from now. But if they do, hopefully they see that I really appreciated the opportunity to represent Warwick High School. More HOMECOMING, page A5

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