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By on October 30, 2013


PATRICK BURNS Record Express Staff

, Staff Writer

Groups have promoted petitions both supporting and condemning special permits that allow open containers of alcohol during a limited number of approved outdoor events in downtown Lititz, such as the Dawn of the Lititz Dead zombie run and the Rock Lititz bike races.

Last week, the Record Express published a letter to the editor signed by 55 residents opposed to allowing alcohol in the public thoroughfare. Since then, a Facebook campaign supporting the special permits as a positive attraction to some downtown events has generated sizable interest.

As a result, the Record Express took the question to the streets. We found that many people have an opinion on the subject, but few are interested in associating their names or photos with their position on the debate.

Here are a few of the willing locals in this week’s "Man on the Street."

Which position do you support in the discussion of special event liquor licenses?

Leona Folckemer: "It’s seems harmless to me. But I suppose it could get out of hand. It’s probably better if they don’t."

Jordan Magill: "I would be against the alcohol sales actually. Mostly because it is someone’s own decision to consume alcohol within an establishment. But if it is a family affair, I don’t think it really has a place."


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