Unexpected resignation: Newly elected supervisor steps down shortly before scheduled oath of office

By on January 3, 2018

New Warwick Township Supervisor Andy Spade takes the oath of office from District Judge Ed Tobin during Tuesday’s reorganization meeting. Jeff McSparran was also scheduled to take the oath, but resigned for personal reasons shortly before the meeting.

There were supposed to be two new Warwick Township supervisors sworn in on Tuesday.

Instead, only Andrew Spade took the oath of office on Jan. 2 during the township’s annual reorganizational meeting. Supervisor Chairman Logan Myers announced that the other elected member of the board of supervisors, Jeff McSparran, had tendered his resignation shortly before the meeting.

McSparran’s letter of resignation, which was unexpected, cited personal and business reasons for his decision to resign before taking office.

Following the swearing in of Spade by newly reelected District Judge Ed Tobin, Spade took his seat next to Myers.

Spade, 44, is a 20-year resident of Warwick Township. He and his wife Kendra have two children. Spade is an attorney with Mejia Law Group, LLC, of Ephrata. He has also served as chairman of the Warwick Republican committee and as a township auditor.

“I have a curious nature and I am interested in learning all I can about Warwick Township,” said Spade, adding that he sought the supervisor position in order to make a difference in his local community.

While he was running for office, Spade had indicated that continued smart growth is important to him, saying, “We have a highly desirable area, both for people and families to live in and for industries, as evidenced by Rock Lititz. I want to make sure we balance the businesses with affordable places to live while still maintaining our agricultural heritage.”

As for McSparran’s replacement, the supervisors plan to appoint someone to that position within 15 days. That time frame is not a requirement, but with a board of just four members, there could be issues if a quorum is not met for voting at future meetings. The board of supervisors in Warwick Township normally has five members.

Judge Tobin welcomes Andy Spade to the Warwick Township Board of Supervisors.

The supervisors will be considering possible replacements for McSparran’s seat, which could include other candidates who ran for the office in November, a former supervisor, a township employee, or any interested citizen. That individual must be a citizen of Warwick Township for at least one year and a registered voter.

The two candidates who ran for the office and did not win the election are Jack Enco and Marcello Medini, both Democrats. The two former Warwick Township supervisors who recently stepped down are Michael Vigunas and C. David Kramer.

A new supervisor is expected to be sworn in at the Jan. 17 meeting. If that does not happen, a new supervisor could be selected by the township’s vacancy board, which is chaired by Joe McSparran, father of Jeff McSparran.

Whether named by the board of supervisors or the vacancy committee, the new supervisor might remain in office by appointment for as long as the end of 2019. It is also possible that a new election could be held during that time.

While the resignation was unexpected, the reorganizational meeting had few other surprises. Logan Myers was named as chairman, as he has been for many years. Herb Flosdorf was named as vice chairman.

Myers and Kenneth Eshleman will serve as delegate and alternate delegate at the state PSATS convention in April.

Liaison and committee responsibilities were realigned, with Myers as liaison for administration and public works. He will also serve on the Regional Strategic Coordinating Committee and the Warwick Regional Recreation Commission (WRRC). Flosdorf will be liaison for the police department, with Tony Chivinski as citizen liaison. Flosdorf will also serve on the WRRC.

Eshleman will serve as liaison for the Recreation Advisory Committee and the Warwick Emergency Services Commission. Spade will serve as liaison for the Warwick Planning Commission, Municipal Authority and on the Regional Transportation Committee. Chivinski and Kramer will both serve as citizens on the Police Pension Committee. Zoning Hearing Board liaison has not yet been decided, since the new supervisor might fill that position.

Township appointments remained much the same. Daniel Zimmerman was reappointed as township manager, secretary and treasurer. Barbara Kreider is assistant secretary, and Lynn Reapsome is assistant treasurer. Laura Bowman is human resources and deputy tax collector.

Thomas Zorbaugh is zoning officer and building code official (BOC), with Billy Clauser as assistant zoning officer. Jason Minnich is roadmaster and interim public works supervisor. Duane Ober is emergency management coordinator and fire code official.

Appointments also include William Crosswell of Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell & Kane as township solicitor, and Neil Albert of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort, Albert as zoning hearing board solicitor.

Grant Hummer of ELA Group is township engineer, with Darrell Becker of Arro Engineering as alternate.

John Theilacker of Brandywine Conservancy is township consultant. Joseph McSparran chairs the vacancy board.

Joyce Gerhart was named to the municipal authority. Tom Zug and Craig Kimmel were named to the planning commission, with Bob Kornman as alternate.

Brent Schrock and Gary Lefever were named to the zoning hearing board, with Dana Clark as alternate.

Scott Goldman was named to the recreation advisory board.

Len Spencer is sewage enforcement officer. Mike Reiner of Sager, Swisher & Company is appointed auditor. Zimmerman is LCTCB representative.

Flosdorf and Chivinski are representatives to the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department.

The supervisors held a brief regular business meeting. They voted on a resolution that gives the township more say in the Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Bill. They also voted on a resolution authorizing the acquisition of 19 Transferrable Development Rights (TDRs) in the preservation of the Sinz Farm.

Laura Knowles is a freelance reporter who covers the Warwick Township municipal beat for the Record Express. She welcomes reader feedback and story tips at lknowles21@gmail.com.


  1. Scott Althouse

    January 4, 2018 at 11:01 am

    I encourage the Warwick Township Supervisors, and all Warwick Township residents, to strongly consider the appointment of Marcello Medini to fill the Supervisor vacancy. Marcello was on the ballot in November and received the next highest vote total. As a member of the Township’s Zoning Commission, Marcello is very qualified for this important public office.

    Thank you for your service and consideration of Marcello Medini.

  2. Tony DeLeo

    January 4, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Shouldn’t this fall on The Board of Elections? Jeff McSparran didn’t resign, he never accepted the position by not taking the oath

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