Tractor Supply extension OK’d; Dollar General plans withdrawn

By on January 9, 2019

The Elizabeth Township Board of Supervisors on Monday approved a request for a 180-day extension to Penn Terra Engineering for the proposed Tractor Supply store on Route 322 near the intersection of Route 501.

Because of wetlands on the proposed building site, Penn Terra has withdrawn the proposal for a Dollar General store and will focus only on the Tractor Supply facility. Penn Terra is reworking its building plans and traffic studies, and has requested relief from creating turning lanes on Route 322. An idea to locate the primary entrance on Long Lane was discussed, but no decisions were made.

The news follows the board’s 90-day extension in October to Penn Terra for the Tractor Supply subdivision and land development plan. At that meeting, Supervisor Rodney May noted that “Penn DOT had raised some concerns that need to be addressed” and resulted in the request for time to address those concerns. Also at the Jan. 7 meeting, the leadership positions of the Elizabeth Township Board of Supervisors remain unchanged for 2019. The board’s re-organization decisions Monday included Brian Wiker remaining as chairman, Jeff Burkholder, vice-chairman, and Rodney May will continue as secretary-treasurer.

In other moves, Burkholder voted against a motion to reappoint Hanover Engineering Associates as the township’s engineering firm.

However, May noted the township is in the middle of a couple projects with Hanover Engineering that need to be finished before appointing another firm. Wiker agreed that a transition plan needs to be put in place if another engineering firm is selected.

Township administrator Loren Miller asked supervisors to consider his work load when considering the hiring of a new engineering firm. The township is currently in the middle of installing a new wash bay for its trucks, a new playground, and storm water runoff controls beside the municipal building. Miller said he is also tasked with learning new accounting and record-keeping software.

“We don’t want to bite off too much and lessen the quality of all the projects,” he said.
In the end, the board decided to retain Hanover Engineering Associates as the township’s engineering firm for storm water and general engineering matters, “for the time being.” Supervisors agreed that they will pursue requests for qualifications from various engineering firms, with an appointment decision to be made later in the year. In other yearly appointments, the township staff remains unchanged with Loren Miller at the helm as township administrator and assistant secretary-treasurer, and Rita Snavely as part time administrative assistant. Miller was also authorized as a co-signer for township financial transactions.

Glenn Martin and Tim Shreiner will continue as road superintendent and laborer. Leonard Spencer remains the sewage enforcement officer, with Jesse Rothacker as his alternate. The SEO’s fee schedule was changed just a little to allow for coverage of township administrative costs.

Barry Wagner continues as the zoning officer and nuisance ordinance enforcement officer and will assist with administration of the stormwater management ordinance.
David Morrison remains the burning enforcement officer.

Eli Ebersol will be primary representative of Elizabeth Township to serve on the Warwick Area Appeals Board for the Uniform Construction Code &tstr; Daniel J. Weik will be the alternate.
May will be the voting delegate to the 2019 PA State Association of Township Supervisors Convention in April.

The law firm of Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell and Kane remains the Township’s solicitor, while Nikolaus and Hohenadel will represent the zoning Hearing Board.

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