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As the highest paid employees of school districts around the nation, here’s a look at the responsibilities in their words of the superintendent, assistant superintendents and business manager at our local schools…


The superintendent position is very similar at Cocalico, Ephrata and Warwick. All three are in charge of carrying out these basic functions, described by Warwick:

1) Assist the board of education and staff in the development and implementation of the district goals.

2) Plan with the school board and other school personnel for the long-range educational, fiscal, and physical development of the school district.

3) Consult and advise the board of education regarding the need for changes in policies, curricula, programs and staff.

4) Develop and submit to the board for approval, the annual school district budget.

5) Review, coordinate, and monitor the school district budget.

6) Provide leadership for the administrative, supervisory, instructional, and non-instructional staff.

7) Provide leadership in the formation, implementation, evaluation, and supervision of educational plans and programs.

8) Insure that district policies, provisions of the school code, and administrative directives are implemented.

9) Review and prepare reports required by local, state, and federal offices.

10) Establish and maintain effective channels of communication within and between the schools and community.

11) Supervise and direct the supervision of the instructional and non-instructional staff.

12) Direct the recruitment of instructional and non-instructional staff and make recommendations for position elections to the Board of Education.

13) Establish procedures to evaluate the performance of instructional and non-instructional staff members.

14) Develop procedures for the ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness.

15) Develop and implement a plan for the staff development programs (in servicing) of the instructional and non-instructional staff.

16) Maintain a close working relationship with appropriate Intermediate Unit, Career and Technology

Center, and Pennsylvania Department of Education personnel, and appropriate local, state, and federal elected officials to enhance the educational and fiscal well being of the district.

17) Assist individuals designated by the Board of Education in the negotiations of Collective Bargaining Agreement.

18) Delegate appropriate responsibilities to other district supervisory personnel.

19) Perform other functions as directed by the Board of Education such as, but not limited to, operation of programs, planning, managing, committee, community, and liaison work.

At Cocalico, Dr. Bruce Sensenig also oversees the maintenance, improvement and construction of school facilities.

Ephrata’s Dr. Gerald Rosati has a few more responsibilities. He is charged with attending all meetings of the board and may sit in on all committee meetings; he forms advisory committees, he establishes and alters, if needed, the attendance boundaries for all schools; he determines the need for transportation facilities and routes; and he investigates any infringement of the legal rights of the district.

While Sensenig and Hershey did not specify that part of their jobs is attending the board meetings, they both play an integral part in the process.

Assistant Superintendent

of Secondary Education

The assistant superintendent for secondary education at Warwick, Dr. Robin Felty, is responsible for planning, administering and supervising specific areas of the general administrative and educational functions. She is the coordinator of seventh through 12th grade curriculum. She also develops personnel, certification and recruitment, transportation and athletics.

Dr. Brian Troop, at Ephrata, has a job description much like that of Felty’s, only he coordinates curriculum for fifth through 12th grades.

Assistant Superintendent

of Elementary Education

A person in this position at Ephrata and Warwick is generally responsible for planning, administering and supervising specific areas of the general administrative and educational functions.

Warwick’s Dr. Keith Floyd is charged with the coordination and development of curriculum for kindergarten through sixth grade, staff development, special education, pupil services, federal programs and strategic planning. Ephrata’s Kim Schlemmer is very similar but handles only kindergarten through fourth grade instruction.

Assistant to the Superintendent

Cocalico differs from the other two districts, in that it does not have two assistant superintendents in charge of secondary and elementary instruction. Instead, Dave Davies serves as human resources manager, coordinates secondary programs, supervises the technology and athletic departments, serves as compliance officer for Title IX and ADA, oversees district contractual and procedural issues and serves as the district school safety coordinator.

Director of Curriculum,

Instruction and Assessment

Cocalico’s Ella Musser supervises and coordinates the district’s curriculum program and its development, working directly with curriculum directors and coordinators, building principals, assistant principals and Intermediate Unit personnel on curriculum updates, textbook orders, selection of instructional material and supplies/resources necessary for effective instruction.

Business Manager

The job of the business manager is also very similar at all three districts. However, Warwick’s David Zerbe has significantly more experience, now with almost three decades in that position.

As a staff member of the school management team and, at the direction of the superintendent, the business manager develops, recommends and administers approved policies and programs for the receipt, custody, investment and disbursement of funds; develops and recommends accounting, internal auditing and budgetary control policies and procedures; interprets accounting records and reports; prepares reports to state and federal agencies; and furnishes financial data to the superintendent and the board required to make sound financial and policy decision.

The business manager also develops, recommends, and administers purchasing policies and procedures; assists in the evaluation of insurance programs for employees, the school district and for board officials; contracting of transportation; maintains general supervision of the school food service and building maintenance and grounds programs; coordinates district data processing programs; coordinates the district census and tax collection system; assists with school construction projects and labor relations; and, supervises employees assigned to the business office.

Information compiled by Karen Shuey. More JOB DESCRIPTIONS, page A4

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