Supervisors applaud Tennant

By on October 10, 2018

For the past 15 years, Susan Tennant has appeared before Warwick Township supervisors to request that the township continue its support the Lititz Public Library.

At the Oct. 3 meeting of Warwick Township supervisors, the library director made her last appearance before the board of supervisors.

That’s because Tennant will be retiring from her position at the library next spring. Not only did supervisors express their appreciation for the library and its director, but they indicated that they plan to increase their financial support.

Susan Tennant, the retiring director of the Lititz Public Library and Logan Myers at the Oct. 3 Warwick Township Supervisors meeting. Supervisors expressed “your heartfelt appreciation to Susan for her work with the library. You will be a tough act to follow.”

Last year, Warwick Township contributed $76,350 to the Lititz Public Library. Next year, they are considering an increase to $80,023. That works out to $4.50 per capita in the township, which has a population of 17,783.

“We appreciate everything the library does for the community and feel it’s important to support the library,” said township supervisor Michael Vigunas. The supervisors also wanted to honor Tennant in her hard work to make the Lititz Public Library a community hub, offering programs on everything from literacy to genealogy. The library offers more than just books, noted Tennant.

“The library is an investment in the future,” said Tennant. “The library is the cornerstone of the community, offering ideas, resources and information.” Township supervisor chairman Logan Myers presented Tennant with a token of appreciation, saying, “We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Susan for her work with the library. You will be a tough act to follow.”

In other business, supervisors agreed to hold a public hearing on Nov. 21 on an ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance regulating communications towers and antennas in the township.
The ordinance would revise the provisions related to the approval, location, design and operation of wireless communications facilities. The ordinance would set the requirements applicable to communications antennas and communications towers, including those outside and within the right-of-way.

In subdivision related matters, supervisors approved the release of a letter of credit for Christian Brothers Automotive. They also approved a partial letter of credit for Stobro/Fulton Bank.

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