Round two Logo gets Wilbur Bud makeover

By on April 3, 2013

By: STEPHEN SEEBER Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

Following some public feedback since it was unveiled in last week’s Record Express, Lititz’s "Coolest Small Town" logo has been refined to better represent the iconic Wilbur Bud, along with a few other minor adjustments.

While some of the critiques were considered a bit harsh, logo artist Bill Dussinger made the changes, hoping the revision will be an improvement to his winning work.

And now that a logo is in place, the community can focus on celebration, starting with a special event set for about one month from now.

On May 10, a cool community block party is being planned in conjunction with 2nd Friday. This will include a Lititz Signature Sandwich Contest, live music by the Main Street Mystics, and an attempt to break the world record for wearing sunglasses at night. These are just a few of the surprises scheduled. Look for more details in upcoming issues of the Record Express.

Other cool-themed events in the works are an old-fashioned picnic and pool party this summer, and a New Year’s Eve celebration.

But the first job of the Coolest Small Town steering committee was to get a logo into place that will represent all of these cool events and related memorabilia. Volunteer judges sifted through 127 logo entries submitted by 43 different artists. Local graphic designer Bill Dussinger’s concept was selected as the winner (the committee did not know the names of the artists during the selection process).

For Dussinger, it’s a labor of love for his hometown.

"I feel very excited that my design was chosen as the official logo for Lititz — America’s Coolest Small Town," he said. "The feeling of community pride never grows old."

Dussinger has designed all of the materials for the Fourth of July celebrations in Lititz Springs Park for over 20 years. He also designed materials for Lititz’s year-long 250th Anniversary celebration in 2006, and the Lititz Pretzel Fest poster and Fire & Ice logo and poster for that last two years.

The 1978 Warwick High School graduate (art education degree from Kutztown U. in ’82) talked about local traditions and current trends that make him proud to still call Lititz his home.

"Lititz is such an amazing town," he said. "Historically there are few small towns that can compare. First pretzel bakery in America, the General Sutter story, Wilbur Chocolate, Linden Hall being the oldest girls school in America, the Revolutionary War hospital in the Moravian Church, Woodstream and the mousetrap, Listerine and Viagra, Lititz Springs Park… Then we have the world-class businesses of Clair Global, Tait Towers and Atomic Design. Lititz has a history of phenomenal artists and crafts people as well."

Regarding his specific logo design featured in this article, Dussinger said, "I did not realize at first, but subconsciously I placed the historic icons of a mousetrap, egg, Sturgis Pretzel and a Wilbur Bud on the left of the Moravian Church steeple. The right side icons of a guitar, bicycle and a mug can represent a few contemporary things that make up Lititz. The center of the logo is a Moravian Star, for the first settlers of town and a Christmas staple."

For his effort, he wins $100 Lititz Dollars to spend at his favorite local businesses.

"I did not set out to design this logo with the thought of winning the $100 Lititz Dollars," he said. "It’s more about the historical significance of the design. I am happy to play a little part in the celebration of the town. And to be perfectly honest, it sure doesn’t hurt to help my visibility as a professional graphic designer. These past few years have been a struggle for small design studios like myself. I am all about keeping local work local, and local business helping out other local businesses."

Moving forward into one of Lititz’s coolest years, Dussinger keeps things in perspective.

"This whole thing with the Coolest Small Town contest and voting for Lititz is all about the community and the people’s pride and spirit," he said. If Lititz gets behind a great idea or a great project, watch out! It will be done, and it will be done right. The people of Lititz have a community inspired spirit. They are proud of their town and it shows."

So, the logo is set and the celebrations near. Time to party!

"People will be looking very closely at Lititz in the upcoming year," Dussinger adds. "I am hoping that we all put on our best face and show the visitors why Lititz is America’s Coolest Small Town."

Dussinger is the owner of a local graphic design business, Penny Lane Graphics ( His next project involves planning for the 196th Fourth of July celebration in Lititz Springs Park.

For information on the use of the logo, call 626-6332 or email More LOGO, page A15

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