Romney wins locally, statewide Fee secures GOP bid for 37th seat

By on April 25, 2012

By: MICHELLE REIFF AND WENDY KOMANCHECK Special to the Record, Staff Writer

Photo by Stephen Seeber
There was no waiting at the polling site for first ward, first precinct voters in Lititz Tuesday morning. Turnout was expected to be low for the primary election, and when the doors opened at 7 a.m. only one voter was ready to cast his ballot.

For some voters, Tuesday was business as usual for a primary with a presidential race. For others, it was a heated General Assembly race that drew their attention.

Though voter turnout was low in area polls, in some locations only 10 percent reporting, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received the most votes statewide as expected. In the Warwick School District, Romney also received the most votes, with 1,855, followed by Rick Santorum with 534, Ron Paul with 429 and Newt Gingrich, 421. The GOP will decide if Romney gets the nomination when the chosen delegates attend and vote at the Republican National Convention in August.

But for voters in Elizabeth Township, the race for the Republican nomination for representative in the 37th Congressional District of the General Assembly was the one everyone was talking about. Although Stephen Black received more votes than the other two candidates in the township total, Mindy Fee received the nomination, with 4,264 votes district-wide, beating Black’s 2,514 and Barry McFarland’s 521.

Some voters predicted that Black’s reported mudslinging toward Fee during the campaign may hurt him in the election. Black reportedly sent out postcards and made robo-calls contradicting her views of family values, being pro life and fiscally conservative.

On election day, Deb Good, Fee’s sister, stated at the Elizabeth Township poll that she hoped her sister wins because she would do a good job. Good also said she believes Black’s derogatory comments backfired on him.

"It was really a turnoff," she said. "I think he was scared and that’s why he did it."

Black, also at the Elizabeth Township location, congratulated his campaign people on a job well done and denied any mudslinging.

"My parents always said, ‘You are who you hang out with,’" he said.

The three delegates who were elected to attend the National Convention for District 16 were: Michael Brubaker, Ann Womble and Robert Walker. The alternate delegates are Marilyn Schnee, John Lawrence and Ethan Demme.

The District 16 delegates chosen for the Democratic National Convention are Harriet Smith, Mike Sturla, Sally Lyall, J. Richard Gray and Vaughn Spencer.

In other contested races, Sam Rohrer secured the most votes of Republican candidates for U.S. senator and Bob Casey Jr. for the Democrats locally; however, Tom Smith won statewide. For attorney general the top vote-getter was Kathleen Kane for the Democratic party both locally and statewide; David Freed was the sole Republican on the ballot. Frank Pinto and John Maher battled for the Republican nomination for auditor general to go up against Eugene DePasquale this fall, with Maher obtaining the higher number of votes both statewide and locally.

There were many uncontested races during this primary. For state treasurer Republican Diana Irey Vaughan was the sole Republican candidate and Robert McCord, Democrat. In Congress District 16, Aryanna Strader ran unopposed on the Democrat ballot with incumbent Joseph Pitts on the Republican side. In the race for representative for the General Assembly District 97, there were no Democratic candidates on the ballot to compete against Rep. John Bear, Republican, this fall.

Voters were able to vote for one man and one woman for seats on the Warwick Republican Committee.

Cindy Brubaker won the woman’s seat in the Warwick Township-Millport District seat with 106 votes, beating Diane Cox’s 54. Also elected to serve on the Republican Committee were: Warwick Township-Millport — W. Logan Myers III; Lititz Borough-First Ward-Second Precinct — Torrey Landis and Gladys Crowl; Lititz-Second-First — Dale Shelley and Jeanne Grimsley; Lititz-Seond-Second — John Bear and Mary-Lynn Lavender; Lititz-Third-Second — Dale and Linda Johnson; Elizabeth Township — Benedict Sahd and Leslie Penkunas; Warwick Township-Brunnerville — Richard Mellot; Warwick-Woodcrest — Thomas and Katherine Trayer; Warwick-Clay Newport — Nelson and Janet Peters; and Warwick-Hilltop Manor — Melvin and Karen Harnly; Warwick-Newport West – Jared Miller and Melissa Orndorff; and Warwick-Southwest — Joshua Thompson and Jill Hackman.

Warwick-Kissel Hill, Warwick-Rothsville, Lititz Borough-First Ward-First Precinct and Lititz-Third-First had no candidates on the ballot. Warwick-Brunnerville had no female candidate. Any write-in votes for elections are counted and winners determined at a later date.

This spring was a primary of firsts, both county and statewide.

It is the first year for a sample ballot to be placed on the Lancaster County election website. The public was able to view choices the same way they would view them in the voting booth. In addition to being able to view the sample ballot online, poll workers had a printout of the sample ballot ready as they greeted residents, ready to answer questions if asked.

This week on a statewide level, poll workers began their preview of the new photo ID requirement to be enacted in the November election. Poll workers began checking IDs for the primary, but this was the last election voters were not required to show them.

Starting this November, all voters will be required to show a photo ID before voting at a polling place. All photo IDs must be current and contain an expiration date, unless noted otherwise.

Tim Aument, judge of elections at Elizabeth Township, said there were no problems with photo ID; that everyone brought them.

Anyone who does not have a photo ID or is unable to obtain one without payment of a fee may cast a provisional ballot and will have six days to provide a photo ID an/or an affirmation to the county elections office to have a ballot count. For more information, visit or call (877) 868-3772.

(Wendy Komancheck contributed to this article.) More ELECTION, page A15

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