Rock Lititz seeks “Best Rehearsal Facility” Title

By on December 11, 2015

Expect Rock Lititz to have a strong presence next month at Tour Link, a four-day awards show,  professional-networking and relationship-building event featuring concert and touring professionals at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa.

And unless you’ve not left your home in years, you’re probably aware that Rock Lititz is a collaboration that incorporates the talents of Lititz companies Clair Global and TAIT to perfect stage, sound, logistics and more for the entertainment industry all over the world.

Not surprisingly,  Tait Towers is among the top nominees for the “2016 Top Dog” award for Staging Company and Set Construction at Tour Link, which begins Jan 11.

Clair Global is also nominated for best Sound Company.

This the first year the Rock Lititz facility is nominated for the title of   “Best Rehearsal Facility.”

Rock Lititz will compete with Bridgestone Arena, Center Staging, Mates Inc., Studio Soundcheck  Nashville, and Third Encore.  Rock Lititz is also Title Co-Sponsor of Tour Link 2016.

Rock Lititz Studio is the first building of its kind — a 52,000-square-foot building constructed specifically for holding production rehearsals.

Production rehearsals let groups and their crews test and practice using sound systems, lights, scenic elements and staging before they go on tour.

The studio has been hailed by the live-event industry as a long-awaited solution to the perpetual lack of affordable, convenient rehearsal space.

The cost of creating the studio and constructing certain infrastructure for the campus exceeded $7 million. Rock Lititz clients such as Usher, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 have used the rehearsal space in preparation of their respective tours. Up to 600 related jobs will be crated when all is said and done at  Rock Lititz.

Phase one is finished and phase two is in the works as  more live entertainment companies move onto the property. Rock Lititz reported that about 85 industry-related technicians are hired by the studio each time the space is contracted to a client.

Coming also to the  96-acre compound located at 36 W. Newport Road   is a new Rock Lititz hotel and restaurant.

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