Priceless memories Hahn puts on power tool performance

By on April 11, 2012

Whitney Hahn and her college roommate Kara Wieczynski on the set of The Price is Right.

For those who tuned into "The Price Is Right" on CBS Monday morning, you may have noticed a familiar face in Contestants’ Row.

That’s because Whitney Hahn, a 2008 Warwick grad, was called to "Come on down!" during the March 19 taping of the show that aired April 9.

An interview with Hahn ran in last week’s Record Express, but she was bound by contract to not reveal the outcome of her turn on the Big Wheel. Everyone had to tune in Monday to find out.

Unfortunately, she did not win, but that did not sour the experience.

The audience cheered wildly as Whitney and her fellow contestants, one by one, excitedly stormed through the crowd to the front of the California studio.

"It was definitely funny and embarrassing to see myself go crazy!" said Whitney, a senior at Salisbury University in Maryland, after watching the show on TV. "My family and friends all informed me that they have it on DVR so I can watch it multiple times to get even more embarrassed."

She was calm and confident next to her competition, but in the end she fell short of the new car. She, however, came home with $1,800-worth of power tools, her prize for making it onto the stage, where she got to hug host Drew Carey.

The fond memories of her spring break in Studio City are priceless.

"I still cannot believe I was on the show," she said. "It is something I will never forget." More PRICE IS RIGHT, page A15

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