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By on September 5, 2018

“It was really sad to hear about Senator McCain dying. He was a real american hero,” says Emily Stauffer of Lititz.

And while the country mourns along with her, the 11-year old Lititz resident has an extra special reason behind her words. At the tender age of only 10 months, she was able to have her photo taken with McCain, when he made an area appearance here in mid-August of 2008. While on the campaign trail, the presidential hopeful would make a stop at Elden Rettew Stadium in Manheim. While there, he gave a pep talk to the Barons varsity football team that evening. Afterwards, McCain posed for a few photographs, including one with Emily. And while Stauffer was too young to remember any of the details of his visit, both her, as well as her parents Joseph and Theresa, still consider it a special family memory.

Emily Stauffer

But that’s just the beginning–the toddler was also able to have her photo taken with the other major candidate who was running at the time, Barack Obama, on March 30 of that same year.

“We were lucky enough to get pictures that year with her and both McCain and Obama during their campaign visits to the county,” said Theresa.

“My then 4-year-old son fell asleep as Obama was coming and refused to wake for the picture,” she said. “I figured that I’d have all ends covered if I was able to get her picture taken with both.”

“It’s really cool when my friends come to visit and see my picture with President Obama and Senator McCain,” says Emily, who recently started the 5th grade in the Warwick School District.

“As her mom, I just thought ‘how amazing would it be the have my daughter’s picture taken with the President,’ Theresa said. “Senator McCain went out of his way to come over and greet me and hold Emily. He was genuinely friendly and it was an honor getting to briefly meet him.”

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