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By on April 30, 2014

Members may or may not notice the changes at the Lititz Springs Pool once it’s opened Memorial Day weekend.

The Lititz Springs Pool leadership team includes (from left) Andrew Amway, Craig Wagaman, Kevin Zook, Karen Mailen, and  Megan Vulatic.

The Lititz Springs Pool leadership team includes (from left) Andrew Amway, Craig Wagaman, Kevin Zook, Karen Mailen, and Megan Vulatic.

But for the first time in its 50-plus year history, the pool’s administrative staff is made up of Lititz recCenter employees instead of Lititz Borough employees.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel,” said Karen Mailen, executive director of the recCenter, which will also manage Manheim Community Pool in 2014.

“We have aquatic experience and the aquatic knowledge, so it is a natural fit for us,” she said.

Mailen, along with Megan Vulatic, aquatic director, and Kevin Zook, facilities director, met this week with long-time Lititz Springs Pool staff members Andrew Amway and Craig Wagaman.

Wagaman, who began working at the pool in 1972, will once again serve as assistant manager to Lititz Springs manager Amway, who enters his 40th year of service at the swim club.

“We look forward to another active season and welcome the recCenter’s energy and ambitions,” said Wagaman.

And those ambitions are lofty, Mailen admitted.

“We hope to double (membership) which won’t be easy since the membership here has been pretty good,” she said.

Mailen has a strategy to attract more people to Lititz Springs Pool. Until 2014, pool memberships were available only to residents in the Warwick School District.

“We wanted to broaden the reach and open season-pass opportunities to the larger community,” she said.

Seasonal memberships are now available to Manheim, Penn and Elizabeth townships residents who previously could only purchase day passes. recCenter members are also invited to join.

“The borough was always worried that if we opened it up to more people that it would become over-crowded,” Amway said. “But that thinking has changed.”

Mailen said the pool membership drive will benefit using recCenter resources that Lititz Borough couldn’t provide.

“The other thing exciting about the operation is we’re expanding people’s opportunity to join,” Mailen said.

People wishing to join Lititz Springs Pool can fill out an application at the recCenter, which is open until 10 p.m.

“In the past they had to go to the borough office before 4:30, before it closed, to get a membership,” Mailen said.

The recCenter has added online applications and now accepts credit or debit cards. Previously, only cash or checks were accepted for membership fees.

Mailen said the recCenter is in for the long-term and is working with the Warwick Regional Rec Commission on plans to meet inevitable future challenges.

“At some point the 50-plus-year-old pool will require a major overhaul,” Mailen said. “The recCenter will be able to accomplish that on a grander scale than the borough would be able to do on their own.”

The Lititz Springs Pool memberships may be purchased online at lititzrec.com or by contacting the Lititz recCenter at 626-5096 for the 2014 summer season.

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