‘No Narcs’ bracelet could prevent relapse

By on July 27, 2016

Janice Ballenger, who works at Retreat at Lancaster County, a premiere 160-bed inpatient drug and alcohol facility, saw this happen one too many times:

She went on a call as a volunteer EMT and found Bill, who was in a serious accident and unconscious. What the EMTs and doctors didn’t know was that Bill had been in rehab and then in recovery for 22 years. With exposed broken bones, Bill was administered narcotic pain killers. After 22 years clean, he relapsed.

Bill is among the too many people who work so hard to stay in recovery, and then have this happen to him. He was unable to speak for himself. He didn’t have a medic alert necklace or bracelet stating that he was in recovery.

Ballenger began researching the availability of some type of medic alert bracelets for people in recovery. She couldn’t find any, other than having a custom made one, starting at $50 and more. So she took it upon herself to have inserts made reading “IN RECOVERY NO NARCS” and purchased natural hemp to make a bracelet that anyone would wear.

The end result is pictured. They are available through eBay or by contacting her directly at: janiceballenger@yahoo.com

The bracelets sell for $20, which includes shipping. They can be made with custom colors if desired. The cost covers the inserts; the hemp and materials; shipping and having a girl in need of some extra money braid each bracelet by hand.

It appears there is truly a great need for something like this. Please consider helping a loved one in recovery and preventing a relapse.

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