New viewing area unveiled for July 4 fireworks

By on June 19, 2019

As work continues on the planning of the 202nd annual Fourth of July celebration in Lititz, organizers would like to remind guests of the new viewing area for the fireworks show this year.

Last year, the fireworks’ future was threatened due to the construction going on at the former location of the Wilbur Chocolate factory. Although work continues at that same site, organizers, after months of careful planning, were able to determine a new launch site, all the while keeping the beloved fireworks display in the park.

And now it’s time to put this new location to the test.

“You’ll see on the map, that the audience viewing area doesn’t actually change that much,” said lead organizer Kellye Martin. “In fact, we hope that the seating area will be more easily accessible than ever before with the addition of a new entrance gate at the recCenter.”

Due to this change, visitors are being asked to exit the field onto Maple Street near the Lititz Springs Pool or towards the rear of the field at the recCenter.

“Another important change that we need to make guests aware of is that Maple Street will be closed to vehicles all day on July 4th,” she said. Martin states that this will allow that road to be used as a pedestrian walkway to and from the fireworks gate (at the recCenter) during the day, as well as just before and after the fireworks.

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Guests are permitted to arrive to put blankets on the fireworks field from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. that morning. The only entrance to access that area will be the fireworks gate at the Lititz recCenter, not at the Boy Scout pavilion, which was the case in previous years. Tarps, rocks, or stakes, are not permitted on the field. If found, security will collect and remove those items.

Blankets may be placed anywhere on the field that’s marked in green on the map. This area will be well-marked, and there will be extra volunteers on hand that morning to assist guests and answer questions. Chairs may also be set up around the benches at the bandshell during that same time that morning.

Beginning this year, the Lititz Waterworks property will also be fenced off, and no blankets or chairs will be allowed to be placed on their property.

According to Martin, there are also plans to incorporate a walking path through the middle of the seating area so guests don’t have to step around blankets like in previous years.

“One of the great advantages of heading up an event that has been as long running as this one is that everyone pretty much knows what to do and what to expect from it,” she said. “We hope that everyone will notice the hard work that has gone into planning this new layout (down to the smallest detail) and will be thankful that we are able to carry on the tradition of fireworks in the park for the 202nd year!”

Shown here is the 2019 Lititz July 4th committee (front row, left to right) Don Becker, Jerry McKonly, Rich Motz, Herb Warner, Bill Dussinger. (Back, l-r) Kellye Martin, Becky Becker, Jim Bowersox, Gaby Spatz, Cathy Gelatka, Lisa Gleason. Missing from the photo are Jeff Rinehimer, Karen Harnly, Holly DeKarske, and Andy Rohlf.

To make all of these changes work effectively, event organizers are also seeking additional helping hands this year. For anyone interested in getting a free admission wristband for the event by volunteering, please stop by the Lititz Welcome Center.

“The July 4th Committee has worked hard for over a year in preparation for this new layout and we ask that guests please be patient with the changes this year,” Martin said. “We have tried to plan for any possible complications and prepare for moving mass crowds of people while keeping the safety of our guests at the forefront. We ask everyone to follow signage, respect the volunteers and security personnel, and come prepared to have a great time and celebrate Independence Day in our cool small town!”

She also stated that the elevated costs associated with the change in the fireworks viewing area this year will also impact the event’s net earnings.

“With additional security personnel, signage, and a lot more fencing required, we’re still hoping to make it a profitable year for the park,” she said. She, along with everyone else behind the scenes, would like to remind visitors that the gathering is the park’s main fundraiser for the year and that the park needs the proceeds more than ever thanks to the excessive flooding experienced over the past year.

Cory Van Brookhoven is a staff writer for the Lititz Record Express. He welcomes your comments at or 717-721-4423. 

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