Manheim Central class of 2019 graduation: ‘you are enough’

By on June 12, 2019

Manheim Central High School’s Class of 2019 was reminded that they are “enough” at Thursday evening’s commencement ceremony.

The ceremony, which took place at LCBC Manheim, touched on several themes but focused primarily on the accomplishments of the graduating class.

Invited speaker Nancy Stevens — a 1972 alumna, field hockey “legend,” and head coach at the University of Connecticut –challenged the 232 graduating seniors to reflect on their years spent at Manheim Central and all of the skills they fostered and achievements they made.

Stevens shared “three simple words” with the students: “You are enough.” She encouraged them to remember the phrase in all they go on to do.

Student Shiloh Harrill echoed Stevens by encouraging her peers to value the talents and gifts they had developed during their time at Manheim Central, noting it is often easy to take them for granted.

“Some of us may even assume that our gifts are not valuable because we have not put them to use yet, or they have not yet allowed for gain, popularity or attention,” Harrill said.

Harrill said that, in her opinion, approaching life lessons, gifts and talents without believing they’re in place for a greater purpose leads to “blindness towards opportunities.”

That doesn’t mean there won’t be failures, Superintendent Peter Aiken noted in his congratulations to the Class of 2019.

Aiken reminded the students that failure is often not mentioned, but within life it is abundant.

He encouraged the group, a “class characterized by a growth mindset,” that it is possible to find success only after failure.

The students are bound to fail, time and time again, Aiken said. But if they find the courage to continue and look within at their worth, they will find happiness, he said.

Students Curtis Crymes and Karissa Wenger tied for valedictorian with GPAs of 4.762. A salutatorian was not named.

Abigail King is a Staff Writer for LNP.

Photos by Kirk Neidermyer……

Manheim Central’s Mason Nissley receives his diploma at LCBC in Manheim on June 6, 2019.


Manheim Central’s Tyler Flick receives his diploma at LCBC in Manheim


Manheim Central’s Codi Bollinger receives her diploma at LCBC in Manheim


Manheim Central’s Keynote speaker Nancy Stevens

Manheim Central Superintendent Dr. Peter Aiken

Manheim Central senior Marianna Fitzkee

Manheim Central Assistant Principle Mrs. Elizabeth Bender recognized the graduates at LCBC


Manheim Central senior Samantha Maddox sings during graduation

Manheim Central senior Shiloh Harrill speaks to the class of 2019

Manheim Central seniors Julianna Gingrich and Ligeia Stern

Manheim Central Principal Mr. Joshua Weitzel



Photos by Alan Johnson can be found here.


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