MajorMega’s ‘arcade of the future’

By on November 28, 2018

A Lititz-based company has unveiled what they believe will be the arcade of the future.

MajorMega, a business that specializes in video games and cutting edge virtual reality experiences, has recently relocated to Pod 2 at Rock Lititz from Lancaster.

In October, the company launched the Hyperdeck–a turn-key, fully immersive multiplayer experience. The business owners state that it offers a level never before seen in the out-of-home entertainment industry. The attraction boasts high-powered wind from all sides, instant heat that engulfs the entire body, a full-motion platform that can move the player in all directions, and intense controllers that features effects like recoil and dynamic tension.

MajorMega’s “Hyperdeck” offers a level of immersion never seen before in the out-of-home entertainment industry and boasts high-powered wind from all sides, instant heat that engulfs the entire body, and a full motion platform that can move the player in all directions.

According to business partner and MajorMega co-founder Michael Bridgeman, “When all of this combines with the cutting edge virtual reality, you get an experience like nothing ever before it.”

“When it came time to build our second prototype of the Hyperdeck, we rented a small storage area in the back of a sandwich shop and built it in there,” Bridgeman said. “It was like a secret dungeon laboratory­ you had to walk through dumpsters to get to the door. It was a damp and dark basement room with no windows…but on the upside it always smelled like fresh bread!,” he jokes.

Founded in 2013, the company first earned success in the entertainment industry via digital agency work involving mobile apps and websites. In the first few years of business, they would create campaigns for celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and many others.

Then in 2016, they landed a project involving National Geographic, Virtual Reality, and motion simulation, and knew this was the future of entertainment.

“We started asking ourselves: what would the arcade of the future look like? Two years later, the Hyperdeck is our answer,” Bridgeman said. During the early stages of the project, the company held countless demos and would show the prototype to everyone they could.

“Eventually we crossed paths with Jay Miller, who ended up investing and coming on as partner,” Bridgeman added. “Shortly after that, someone smoking a cigarette from the sandwich shop caught our storage room on fire, and the fire department declared our prototype to be too large for the safety code and we were forced to shut down that location. We tapped our network looking

for a new home that had the room we needed to build such a large product, and eventually we landed the last suite available at Rock Lititz.”

The past meets the future. Left to right are Sean Hennessey, Jay Miller and Michael Bridgman are the partners at MajorMega, a company that specializes in video games and cutting edge virtual reality experiences which recently opened at Pod 2 at Rock Lititz.

MajorMega introduced the Hyperdeck Nov. 13 at the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando.

“It’s the best opportunity for us to let the industry discover what we’ve created,” Bridgeman said. After the expo, the company will have the Hyperdeck set up at Rock Lititz; however, gameplay will consist of invite-only ocassions, with some special events for the public to play planned for the future. “When you offer an amusement ride to the public full time you become an operator, which is a whole new ball game we’re not ready to play quite yet,” Bridgeman stated. “For now, we are focusing on selling the product outright to other facilities to operate.”

When asked, Bridgeman added that the relocation to Lititz had many advantages.

“The most practical thing Rock Lititz offers is high ceilings and enough space for us to build such a large product! What Rock Lititz has is an energy that you really can’t find anywhere else,” he says. “Everyone here is pushing the technological envelope in their own way, and we all can feed off each other in that sense. When you walk into Pod 2, you can just feel the innovation oozing out of everything, he added. “And with the new addition of the hotel, we’re able to fly in potential customers and give them an amazing experience from the minute they arrive.”

“I think the progress we’ve been able to make in the middle of Amish Country, and even looking at the success of Rock Lititz, is a testament to how technology is truly changing the way high-tech companies can operate. We have new freedoms on where and how innovation happens, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of that movement right here in Lititz, PA.”

Cory Van Brookhoven is a staff writer for the Lititz Record Express. He welcomes your comments at or 717-721-4423. 

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