Local family attends March for Life Joined estimated 500,000 at pro-life event in D.C.

By on January 30, 2013

By: MELISSA HUNNEFIELD Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Kara Garman(From left) Kara Garman, Sam Garman, Ellie Cook and John Garman jumped out of line during the March for Life to take a group photo.

Jan. 22 marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

On Jan. 25, pro-lifers responded with one of the largest human rights demonstration in the world, the March for Life, in Washington, D.C.

Although the march usually falls on the actual day of the decision, this year’s date was changed to accommodate President Obama’s inauguration.

Kara Garman, co-chair of the Respect Life Committee at St. James Catholic Church in Lititz, and her family attended the march for the first time. They rode on one of nine busses that departed Lancaster that morning. It is said that 500,000 participated this year.

Despite 25-degree temperatures and light snow, Kara was adamant about showing her support.

"I have always been pro-life, but have only become an activist since it hit me on a personal level," Kara said. "My step-daughter, Sam, came to me in November of 2011, 19 and pregnant. She talked about having an abortion and that is when my pro-life mission began. I am very proud to say that she gave life to her baby girl and has blessed the lives of a very loving couple that so desperately wanted a baby."

Kara was struck by the diversity of those in attendance.

"It was refreshing to see so many youth and to be surrounded by half a million fellow pro-lifers," she said. "It was a true renewal of faith in my pro-life mission."

Lancaster County was also represented among the VIPs.

Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, delivered one of a handful of keynote speeches at the march’s rally on the National Mall.

Bomberger is one of 13 siblings — 10 of whom are adopted — of Henry and Andrea Bomberger of Bomberger’s store fame here in Lititz. Ryan’s own birth mother was raped, but she decided to give him life and give him up for adoption. Ryan is now an Emmy Award-winning creative professional who has made an unexpected impact in the pro-life movement with the bold TooManyAborted.com billboard/web campaign. The Radiance Foundation, a non-profit founded by Ryan and his wife Bethany, created and directs the campaign. Bomberger, his wife, and four adopted children currently reside in northern Virginia.

Although Garman hasn’t had the opportunity to formally meet Bomberger, she speaks very highly of him.

"I am an admirer of Ryan and the fabulous work he is doing in the pro-life world," she said. "His words at the march helped to bring even more inspiration to my soul. Ryan said ‘one is too many’ (referring to aborted infants), ‘circumstance doesn’t matter’ (referencing a baby conceived of rape) and the big one that seems to never get a mention from the pro-choice side — ‘adoption unleashes purpose’."

The Respect Life Committee promotes healing programs for post-aborts, takes legislative action through e-mails and phone calls, and they petition political leaders. The group takes part in community activism by participating in protests and peaceful prayer vigils like the march and 40 Days for Life. Although their main focus is anti-abortion, the pro-life mission is to promote the sanctity of life from conception until natural death. They also hold fund-raisers for local pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

The Respect Life Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at St. James Catholic Church, 505 Woodcrest Ave. To learn more, call 898-8889. More MARCH FOR LIFE, page A14

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