Live! It’s Second Friday night!

By on October 17, 2018

Friday night was dry. It was comfortably cool-ish. October’s 2nd Friday celebration in downtown Lititz saw the streets alive with shoppers, and storefront windows buzzing with people. There were a couple of musicians singing and strumming behind plate glass showcases, but no window was more alive than Clementines on Main Street.

The women’s boutique celebrated their 10th anniversary Friday night with seven young ladies modeling fashions straight from the racks inside the store. How does one get to be a Clementines model? Connections– daughter, granddaughter, friend of a Clementines employee, but one model made the cut, she said, “Because I’m so pretty.” She was kidding, of course, a lovely sense of humor but a spot-on observation.

Dan Heller, in the plaid shirt, greeted visitors to the Lancaster County Agriculture Council during October’s Second Friday event. Binkley & Hurst owner Don Hoover, seated, was also on hand to talk to visitors about the county’s farming heritage. Hoover is also an ag council board member.

With more than 20 downtown merchants offering 2nd Friday deals and goodies, one can only visit and chat with a few. Our first stop was with the Lancaster County Agriculture Council which was promoting &tstr; what else &tstr; Lancaster County agriculture from a spot just outside the post office. Dan Heller and his sons Chandler and Tucker, were there to talk about farming in general and their Flintrock Farm, just north of Lititz, where the boys help out with chores. Binkley & Hurst owner Don Hoover was there also, to boost county farmers and also to talk about his Lititz-based six-store farm equipment dealership.

From there it was a natural segue to Heavenly Soaps and Scents, where shop owner Trudi Connelly was having a drawing for a candle with a hot chocolate aroma. We sniffed it. Made us nostalgic for hot buttered toast dipped in our grandmother’s cocoa.

Trudi Connelly has been a downtown Lititz mainstay at Heavenly Soaps & Scents since 2003. She loves Second Friday celebrations. For October’s event she held a drawing witha prize for the winner of a fragrant hot chocolate candle.

At the Lititz Music Company &tstr; “the last shop in Lititz” according to owner Ben Hartranft — we were welcomed with the offer of a free T-shirt if we bought a guitar. Maybe a ukulele qualified, too. We didn’t clear that up. Our musical talents are best expressed with a kazoo (and we can really kill it on a kazoo) so we left the shop T-shirtless after a very pleasant visit.

Ben Hartranft was primed for October’s second Friday celebration. He has been the proprietor of the Lititz Music Store since July of last year. For Friday’s event, he was offering blowout deals on his $1 and $2 vinyl LP’s, of which he’s got plenty. He’s also got plenty of guitars, and for this Second Friday, he included a free T-shirt, like the one he’s wearing, with the purchase of every guitar.

The Rusciano Gallery had a wine reception for a showing of oil-on-canvas abstractions by Marilyn Fox. Fox is director of the Freyberger Gallery at Penn State’s Berks campus. Fox’s oeuvre for decades embraced landscapes, still-lifes and other realistic subjects. About a year ago she abandoned realism and turned to abstract expressions of her feelings about language and alphabets. We were having a discussion about the emotive content of her pictures when a half-dozen or so partiers burst into the gallery looking to quaff some free wine and to maybe buy some art.

Marilyn Fox brought her “Features of a Dream” abstractions in oil and canvas to the Rusciano Gallery for October’s Second Friday celebration. She and gallery owner Angelo Rusciano are shown here with some of the work.

Ms. Fox excused herself to address the revelers. We exited the gallery and headed to Rooster Street Butchers where we bought a bacon burger with a side of slaw, put our dinner in a plastic bag then trundled down Cedar Street to the Stoll and Wolfe Distillery. We clocked out of our job mode &tstr; we can do that on our Google phone &tstr; ate the burger and slaw and finished the night with a shot of the proprietors’ excellent rye.

We took it neat.

Dick Wanner is a staff reporter and photographer for the Lititz Record Express. He welcomes comments at 


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