Lititz Springs Park closed

By on September 4, 2018

Due to last weekend’s flooding, Lititz Springs Park board members are urging the public not to use or travel through the park.

According to park board president Jeff Rinehimer, after the storm, two picnic tables which were once located in the park were found floating along Cedar Street. Additionally, a trash container originally in the park was found wedged underneath the Water Street bridge.

The park continues to be closed for the rest of the week, with the hope to be back open this Saturday, Sept. 8.

Less foot traffic will allow the park to dry out sooner, Rinehimer said. If you need to travel through the park, please use the walkways.

A trash receptacle, once located in the Lititz Springs Park, was found wedged underneath a bridge on Water Street. Photo by Jeff Rinehimer. 


Photo courtesy of Jim Wolfe

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